Face masks and kerosene: Secrets of youth from Angelina Vovk
 How 70 years of being a young, popular and workable? A well-known TV presenter gave interesting answers to this question is the publication of "Antenna-Telesem." And talk about plastic, masks, kerosene, and much more.

Want to have to tighten the skin in 70 years? We must start at 25. Angelina Vovk started to go to the beautician at this age. And then I fell in love with the simple face masks that always makes herself. That is one of the favorite recipes of her face mask, which she still does.

Face mask from Angelina Vovk: chop the parsley from the garden in a blender, squeeze the juice, dilute a little bit. Dampen a liquid gauze and leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

Body scrubs Angelina Vovk also prefers to do his. In summer, leading often goes to the bath and there to arrange a peeling. A recipe is fairly simple.

Scrub from Angelina Vovk: Handful of coffee tablespoon honey, olive oil and salt.

If the presenter had to lose weight, she started a diet, a diet which she suggested the actress Alla Larionova. For five days - minus a few kilograms.

Diet from Angelina Vovk: One day sit on boiled rice and stewed with prunes and the other - on the chicken, and the third - in the potato, the fourth - in the yogurt, and the last - on cheese and white wine. All dishes without salt and spices, so many even do not eat potatoes.

The power Vovk adheres to sound principles. Do not eat fried, cooked only in a double boiler or elektrogrile. Of the meat products prefer lamb or venison - a clean meat, because the deer and sheep graze on the nature and choose their own meal. And from Angelina eats only sweet dates, they blunt the feeling of hunger.

Discharge day from Angelina Vovk: arrange a day when not to eat what you love and what is good and taste good. Then you get thin.

Angelina Vovk practicing pouring ice water, every year on Epiphany falls into the hole. And believes that the water brings great benefit to man.

Now plastic. TV presenter admitted in an interview that did it. But once in 40 years. Remove hernia under the eyes. Since then, no bags and swelling.

Not so long ago Angelina Vovk met with Gennady Malakhov, it leads him to transmit on Channel One, and he advised her to clean the blood of kerosene. Angelina long hesitated to do so, but still made herself and began to practice. This procedure cleans the blood, killing all the germs, according to Gennady Petrovich. Every morning on an empty stomach for 3 weeks, you should drink 5-6 drops of purified Medical kerosene, which is sold in pharmacies.
Author: Julia Gnedina