How to remove self-tanning
 Yesterday we had the publication with expert advice for applying bronzer. A logical extension may be present "beauty secret" on how to remove the tanning if expert advice does not help, and could not cover.

* Remove tanning during application is always easier than when he had already manifested. If you understand that the results are not very good, it is enough to put on your skin oil dissolve tanning, then take a shower.

* For example, self-tanning has applied to the skin for several hours ago. Can I remove it? It will peeling, not very gentle. That is, it can be a scrub with abrasive particles, with soda or massage the skin with a stiff brush.

* Avoid excessive tanning in such areas as the ankles, hands, nails, knees, feet, to avoid dark spots. Always have on hand towels, napkins while applying bronzer. Wear gloves if you're afraid of the black bars on the palms and yellow nails.

* The market is ready to remove the self-tanning agent. They produce some of the companies offering products for tanning. Perhaps it makes sense to buy, along with tanning and a means.

* Lemon juice - excellent bleaching agent, it works like a chemical peel. To get rid of wrongly applied tanning, soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and treat the skin.

* Alcohol-containing agents also help to remove the layer of self-tanning. However, this method dries the skin, care should be taken after a well-moistened.
Author: Julia Gnedina