Tanning: Tips from an expert
 Expert Mark St. Tropez, producer of luxury tanning, Sophie Evans tells you how to avoid the most common mistakes when applying bronzer.

1. Moisturize dry areas of the body.   It goes without saying that you should first make a mandatory exfoliation to tanning lay down evenly. But it is equally important to moisturize dry skin areas (knees, elbows), whereas these areas should not go tanning too dark spots. You can use a moisturizing hand cream.

2. attentively with eyebrows.   Use cotton swabs to remove inflicted with tan eyebrows. This procedure needs a woman with blond or light-brown eyebrows, or eyebrows painted in tan.

 Tanning: Tips from an expert

3. Be careful with spray.   Spray in my heart, so as not to stain the walls and furniture in the apartment. And actions from top to bottom, there will be no stains.

 Tanning: Tips from an expert

4. To closely with nails.   After applying the self-tanning wipe it with nails on the hands and feet. This will prevent yellowing of nails. In addition, tanning can be removed from the heels and wrists to avoid the dark folds of the skin.

5. Use as a tan makeup.   Apply an additional layer on the eyelids, cheekbones - Semi-permanent make-up will showy (lasting several days).

6. Use self-tanning as a make-up for the body.   Additional application in hollow bust - visually enhances the chest, under the calf muscle - will mold volume, etc.

7. Pool spoils tanning.   Chlorine can change the color, to break cover, after the pool will have to resort to tanning again.

 Tanning: Tips from an expert

8. Oil and prevents and helps.   Interferes, because getting to the skin tanning, making divorce dissolving coating. And help, because it can be used if you want to wash off tan or something to fix.
Author: Julia Gnedina