Dry brush on cellulite
 Before the summer months the problem of cellulite becomes almost the most relevant to women. We offer you a new technique - dry brush. If you previously little help, it might be worth a try and a new way.

The process of dry cleaning offers several advantages. And among them - the fight against cellulite. Why is the daily application of dry brush helps to cope with orange peel?

- At first Dry cleaning with a soft brush is a great scrub, because the process removes dead skin cells. And to use such a method of peeling may even holders of a very soft skin that is too sensitive to cosmetics.

- Secondly Dry brush stimulates blood circulation and helps the lymphatic system, and thus eliminates the toxins.

These are two key steps of procedure and given a chance to hope that he will be successful in the fight against cellulite. Although a therapeutic effect, improves the appearance of the skin, too, no doubt, has. This is indicated by those who daily carries dry cleaning.

 Dry brush on cellulite

How to use the method of dry cleaning?

- Do not use too stiff brush. Even a slight redness after a brush - this is not always the result, that will help. Dry cleaning - it's not hard rubbing with a towel after the skin should not "burn" and blush. Although some slight redness will be the result of activation of blood, so it is necessary to fight for smooth skin.

- Make sure the bristles of the brush did not scratch the skin. Therefore important to choose the brush. Synthetic fibers are too hard can damage the skin, especially sensitive. Buy a brush made of natural fibers.

- It's best to use the method in the morning, before the soul, must be dry and the skin, and a brush.

- Always dry cleaning toward the heart to help the lymphatic system. No movements back and forth, as well as circular! To start cleaning protivotsellyulitnye wide soft movement from the ankles up. No special pressure on problem areas of the body initially produce is not necessary. Let the hips first to get used to the process, and only then you can do on the cellulite areas of more intense massage movements. Dry cleaning in order to strengthen health should also start with the feet, move up, and then the hands to the chest. In the area of ​​direct gastric brush counterclockwise.

- It is important to take a shower immediately after the procedure. It is necessary to remove all the dead cells. Then be sure to use moisturizer.

- Use a dry brush in the bath or in the shower to the bathroom is not suffering from excessive dust.

- The process takes some time, so select the mornings further 5-10 minutes to dry cleaning. And be patient: you will see the first results after a week and a half.

 Dry brush on cellulite

How often should I do a dry cleaning that was the result?

Dry skin brushing effectively opens the pores of the skin. This is something that we can and should do on a daily basis, there is even a recommendation to do it twice a day. After all, the skin being the largest organ, needs a complete cleansing and nutrition is no less than other organs. And since the opening helps to make a thorough cleansing, saturate the skin with oxygen, get rid of dead cells. So do dry cleaning at least once a day, but may be two.

How long will the dry cleaning?

A few minutes, and it is better twice a day - morning and evening, before the shower.

Which brush should be to get a result from dry-cleaning?

Need a soft brush with natural bristles, fibers are not rigid, although the extent of elastic. If the skin is injured, and even more scratched, it is not the brush, which is necessary for the procedure. But the defender of animals, do not worry, created specifically for the procedure instruments - the so-called vegetarian brush made of plant fibers (eg, from a cactus).

 Dry brush on cellulite

The market is also filled with a variety of brushes and shape: round with fastening on the hand on the handle, a removable handle.

 Dry brush on cellulite

Brush from The Body Shop, moisturizing brush of Eight Body.

Bonuses dry cleaning

Getting rid of cellulite - not only property for which a woman fell in love with the procedure of using a dry brush. Even if you do not have problems with the orange skin on the thighs, try dry cleaning costs. With a dry brush can be cleaned and tone the skin without stripping it of its protective acid and the oil layer. As a result, the pores are cleansed, the dead cells are removed. The effect is not only the appearance, because thanks to the dry cleaning improves digestion and kidney function, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the process of cell renewal, cleaned lymphatic system.

In addition, dry cleaning is recommended as a method of preventing dry skin and peeling method in which the skin is not affected by cosmetics (this is especially important for sensitive and allergy-prone skin).
Author: Tamara