How to deal with capillary netting on the face and legs?
 Natural beauty - best decoration women. Each of us wants to be irresistible. But what if the perfect appearance spoils hateful capillary mesh? The causes of rosacea, and discuss ways to eliminate it in the article.

A little about the problem

Capillary mesh - is extended veins, arteries and capillaries. They come in two colors - blue   or red They differ in shape - Woody   or stellate   and localization site. Many women relate the problem to a cosmetic defect, but in fact it is - a disease.

On the face   mesh formed in the wings of the nose or cheeks. In the early stages of the disease are subtle redness eventually increase in size and forming a grid inflamed blood vessels.

On foot   mesh venous origin, therefore have a blue color. Located in the area from the knee to the ankle.


Heredity.   Predisposition to kuperozu unfortunately inherited. If the manifestations of the disease encountered your loved ones, you will automatically be credited to the "at risk".

High load on the legs.   Many girls and women spend most of the day at very high heels. This leads to a stagnation of blood in the lower extremities and contributes to the emergence of spider veins.

Overweight.   Women "in the body" rosacea occurs more frequently. Extra kilos "crush" on the blood vessels, thus contributing to venous congestion.

Diseases.   Diseases of the stomach, thyroid, liver, gynecological problems and disorders of the autonomic nervous system can also cause the appearance of spider veins.

 How to deal with capillary netting on the face and legs?

Prevention Plan for the face

Beware of the sun!   Ultraviolet radiation adversely affects the walls of blood vessels, so "hot days", always use means of SPF-protection. In addition, wear a hat with a wide brim, which can form a shadow on your face.

Do facials.   One of the best resources that nature has created to solve the problem - it's strawberries. Alfa gidrolnaya acid contained in them, helps the skin to get rid of "dead" cells and achieve an even color. Strawberry mask is recommended to apply to the face once or twice a week. Exfoliate the "extra" cell breathing easier and will prevent the skin from the stagnation of blood in the vessels.

Eat right.   A balanced diet will reduce the risk of rosacea. Build a diet of cereals, vegetables and fruits (except citrus). Limit your intake of carbohydrates, sweet and starchy foods. Avoid fatty foods, and spicy dishes.

Drink vitamins.   To strengthen vascular system propyl course of vitamins: E, C, K and B group vitamins contribute to the restoration of the vascular wall. Particularly useful they will be for the light-skinned women, who are faced with rosacea often.

 How to deal with capillary netting on the face and legs?

Prevention Plan for the legs

Like douche.   The habit of taking a douche in the morning and evening, improve blood circulation in the legs and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Use venoprotektory.   So called substance that reduces capillary fragility and lower "extensibility" veins. You can use them as part of cosmetics (external) and as tablets (oral). The best-known tools: rutin, and ruskus hesperidins.

Change height.   Pick a convenient and comfortable shoes and avoid extreme pin.

Pamper feet.   Foot bath with herbs or essential oils, wrap with toning the capillaries funds - effective ways to combat venous mesh.

Therapeutic exercises to improve blood flow in the legs

The circular movements.   Stand with your feet together. Transfer the weight to the right foot, left toe pull ahead and do five circular motion counterclockwise. Repeat with the other leg.

Funny dancing.   Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Alternately connect together and plant the heel. Distribute the load so that the weight is accounted for on the heels, then on the footpad.

Rolling.   Stand up straight. Make smooth rolls from heel to toe and back. Repeat five times.

Bike ride.   Lie on your back, bend your knees, tearing them off the floor. Perform circular motions simulating cycling.

 How to deal with capillary netting on the face and legs?

Consultations of experts

If the capillary mesh apparent on the face, consult a beautician or dermatologist.

If "Net illness" on his feet already proved, do not despair. To clarify the nature of the disease perform an ultrasound duplex scanning of the veins of the lower extremities and seek clarification from the surgeon or phlebologist.

Treatment methods

For face.   The elimination of the manifestations of rosacea on the face copes neodymium laser. His light skin exposure "glues" the walls of blood vessels and causes the mesh to "hide" in the skin. The treatment course consists of one to three treatments.

For legs.   The most common procedure - sclerotherapy. The vessels entered a special solution that "glues" its walls. Duration of procedure - about thirty minutes.

Health and beauty to your body!
Author: Natalia Bartukova