Scars on the body and methods to combat them
 Even the most beautiful body may be marred scars. They appear after surgery, childbirth, and with strong racing weight can develop stretch marks. Injuries and car accidents, accidents in the home - all this can leave a mark on our bodies in the most literal sense of the word. However, this situation can be overcome. Suffice it to refer to specialists.

Today, the scars, both from individuals and from the body, or completely removed, or else make such marks almost invisible. These, which already can be overcome with the help of hairstyles, makeup and so on. If you can not remove the scar completely, it is still possible to beat with the help of beautiful tattooing. In short, do not give up: the modern medicine and the beauty industry offers a huge number of ways to solve this problem.

The scar is the result of replacing the body's own tissues to the connection. And to understand how really to remove this or that scar, you can consult a dermatologist. Many ways to help and cosmetic surgeon. Large scars can be carefully cut, excision of skin area of ​​this kind is held during plastic surgery. Instead of rough scar is hardly noticeable trace, which can be dealt with after the operation has other methods. However, such are usually when there is no possibility to handle the situation in other ways. And, as experts note, in recent years more and more rarely, as an alternative to open big.

There is hope - a return to beauty

High hopes for the return of beauty presented today many laser. Small marks, as well as fresh, unless contraindicated, can be cured by a chemical peel. But do not do such a procedure at home or in an obscure cabin. Otherwise, the result for you, your health and skin can be truly disastrous. It is best to carry out the procedure under the supervision of an experienced doctor who is required to take into account whether you have one or another allergies and other contraindications.

In some cases, scars quite effectively treated with hormones. And sometimes it can help and special absorbable ointment is often such, after some operations, give out to patients. In addition, certain people can offer silicon wafers that help the body cope with the situation. Today, many experts prefer laser, since this method makes it possible to achieve almost instant results, without pain and without subsequent rehabilitation.

 Scars on the body and methods to combat them

Processing scar smoothed gradually becomes elastic, it is possible to remove all the connective tissue and replace it with the ordinary. Scrubbing is carefully, layer by layer. If the damaged area is large enough, the procedure can be performed in several sessions, facilitating thus the task for the organism.

Bleaching scars in various ways

Scars are often different from the main skin tone darker color. To the scar was not visible so much, many people prefer to bleach it. For this purpose, suitable cosmetic clay, sometimes - cucumber and lemon juice. We must be sure before using them to make sure that the skin in the area of ​​the scar is not irritated, sensitivity is not increased above the norm. Cucumber juice can be used as a basis for a compress. It has lightening properties, but at the same time, moisturizes skin. Not for nothing was he a part of the many masks and creams for the face.

 Scars on the body and methods to combat them

Clay - this is another good way out. Blue version of this tool, you can get in most beauty salons and pharmacies. And it can be used at home - it's completely natural, natural remedy that does not cause discomfort during use. The maximum that you feel - a sensation of contraction of the skin, but it can be a distraction. Clay is good because it helps with chronic scars and scars.

Some experts advise to use for similar purposes absorbable gels and ointments. However, they are only effective when processing fresh scars. Visible results appear as softening the scar, and the effect is usually complex - the connective tissue becomes less, it looks better and looks a shade close to the color of the skin around the wound marks. Whiten the scar can help a chemical peel with fruit acids. However, such a procedure is shown not all.

 Scars on the body and methods to combat them

 Scars on the body and methods to combat them

A more gentle to the body recognized use for the same purpose creams with kojic acid, hydroquinone. But these creams help is not immediately, because the impact is really gentle. It would take months of waiting. Worth to photograph the right place before the impact, and then take pictures during the change to be seen more clearly. As you can see, the ways to solve the problem is really a lot of scars, so do not give up.
Author: Marina Sun