Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Skin Care
 Finish the small selection of practical tips from professional makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers with a worldwide reputation. If you remember, was the stuff about the makeup, the hair, and today about skin care face and body.

• Homemade Foot Scrub
Dry and cracked heels can be easily turned into a well-groomed and soft. Make homemade anti-bacterial foot scrub: Mix a handful of sea salt with almond oil.
Mirza Agha, an expert on wellness

• Why silk pillows?
For skin. It is the best silk bedding. It does not absorb moisture like cotton, the face is moistened all night. And still less hair awry, less broken. In addition, silk is hypoallergenic.
Claire Rogers, beauticians

• Immunity + tone
Do not neglect the sponges or brushes in the shower. Besides peeling, is an excellent tool for getting rid of toxins, increase blood flow, improve tone and immunity. Daily brush or washcloth to massage feet, hands and body, toward the heart.
Liz Earle

• Quick pedicure
For home pedicure it is very important to properly prepare the skin and nails before the nail polish. Add the large salt into your body lotion and use it as a scrub composition. Especially pay attention to dry and calloused areas, as well as walk on nails. Rock salt - the best ingredients for the feet! Then take the lemon juice and walk around the cuticle and nail (cotton swab), he degrease and whiten nails. Finally, cover the nail varnish bright, great chord!
Margaret Dubs, an expert pedicure

• Aromatherapy in Action
If you want to moisturize your body, choose to store shower gels and body lotions with the following scents: rose, neroli and evening primrose oil, and shea. These ingredients make the skin much softer and hydration.
Geraldine Howard, the Association of aromatherapists

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Skin Care
 • Mask of aspirin for the face
Crush two aspirins and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes. Wash. Aspirin contains beta-gidrokisloty component, which can be found in many luxury vehicles. This mask perfectly refresh the complexion.
Shelley Barrett, ModelCo

• Dairy steaming
Instead of making steam bath of hot water, hot milk steamed face. Bring the milk to a boil, pour into a bowl of warm, lean over the bowl and cover with a towel. Lactic acid contained in milk are beneficial to the skin, leaving it bright and youthful, and the pores are opened and cleaned after such a steaming gently.
Ruby Hammer, star makeup artist

• Beauty of the fridge
If you want to have radiant skin, it is not necessary to impose on expensive creams and serums. Use plain yogurt. Apply it on face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse. Wrap in cheesecloth few ice cubes and rub them all over your face to refresh the skin and thus remove the remnants of yogurt.
Sarah Chapman, beauticians

• askorbinku
Known to many from his childhood, ascorbic acid - the most affordable antioxidant. Eat every day! If this is not possible, the revision of the diet. Because vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) in sufficient quantities to protect the skin can be found in red peppers, grapefruit, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, strawberries and tomato juice.
Nutritionists American Association of Dermatologists (American Academy of Dermatology, AAD)

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Skin Care
 • Tired legs
In summer, increasingly tired feet and swollen. Resuscitating easy way home. We make the following foot bath: to throw a little water 1 tablespoon of sea salt and 1 tablespoon of white salt. To squeeze the lime juice or lemon. We throw 1 bag of mint tea. Then pour it with warm water. Now you can lower the leg. After 10 minutes, no fatigue and swelling, and you can continue your day even heels.
Mirza Agha, an expert on wellness

• Wax strips
If you want to remove body hair using wax strips immediately before the holiday or before going to the beach, I never do that. It will take after the procedure for at least 24 hours before you go out in the sun. Remove wax strips only against the direction of hair growth. And be sure to use sunscreen in the first days after the procedure.
Otilia Roberts, Simply Wax
Author: Julia Shestakova