Clay, mud, sand - treatment and therapy. Part 2
 Not only the clay found their "second life" (see. Part 1), but also sand and mud.

Child abuse as a child's parents if he smeared with mud. Have they not heard about the mud baths?

The procedure of mud appeared a long time ago, in ancient Egypt and Rome. Mud   - Is the use of various origins mud for medicinal purposes. Most often used for this procedure mineralized silt or fresh water bodies decomposed peat and mud knoll.

Types of dirt
- Silt sulphide mud   - Black mud from the salt water, rich variety of minerals.

- Sapropelenovaya dirt   - Mud brown, blue-black, blue, dark olive, and even pink color of the withdrawal from the bottom of open water with standing water, rich in trace elements (cobalt, bromine, iodine, etc.).

- Peat mud   - Dirt dark brown color of swampland, rich in organic matter.

 Clay, mud, sand - treatment and therapy. Part 2
 The essence of the procedure
Due to its physical and chemical composition of the mud have thermal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and resolving the impact, as well as stimulates the connective tissues, endocrine glands, increase the body's metabolism and blood flow to the skin.

Mud procedures last from 15 to 30 minutes in a specially equipped mud baths, therapeutic mud at a temperature at 37-46 degrees, repeated through the day, or 2/1, Part 1 course includes from 12 to 18 procedures.

Widespread mud baths when body weight is lowered into the treatment and mud applications in which dirt covered only certain areas of the body. While you are enjoying the soothing and healing properties of mud, medical staff monitor your condition.

 Clay, mud, sand - treatment and therapy. Part 2
 Indications for mud therapy:   diseases of the central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory, traumatic lesions, inflammation of the reproductive system, digestive system, skin diseases, etc.

Contraindications:   acute inflammation, heart disease, uterine bleeding, tuberculosis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, the fungus on the skin, blood disorders, kidney disease, infectious diseases, pregnancy, etc. Before visiting the mud baths should consult with your doctor.

Cosmetic properties of the mud can be felt during the treatments in beauty salons. Mud wraps improve circulation and normalize skin tone, as well as contribute to the treatment of cellulite and weight control, as while this procedure is intense sweating and consequently weight loss of 400-600 grams.

Prices mud wraps in the salons of Moscow:   from 2300 to 3200 rubles for 1-1, 5 hours.

 Clay, mud, sand - treatment and therapy. Part 2
 Sand Health and Beauty
Soothing and relaxing effect have not only the clay and mud. Psychologists say that the sand therapy allows to treat the nerves and restores mental balance. You may have noticed for themselves, it's nice to look at the free-flowing ribbon in the hourglass. It seems that the world stops for a moment, and all the problems fade into the background. Through sand therapy a person can be free from fear, stress, gain confidence and open up creativity. This procedure is often practiced in conjunction with psychoanalysis.

In addition to the psychological impact of sand and effectively acts on the human body. Arenation   - This treatment is heated sand. Let you and hear this word for the first time, but the amazing effect of the sand has been known for a long time. Its therapeutic properties were used in Babylon, the Roman Empire and pre-Columbian America. The period of recovery and development psammotherapy in Europe and Russia is considered to be the end of the 19th century, when the surgeon NV Parijskij published a treatise "On the use of natural sand baths in the treatment of gout, dropsy, scrofula and rheumatism."

What is the healing properties of the sand? It retains heat and slowly gives it to the surface of the human body, while gently massaging the skin.

 Clay, mud, sand - treatment and therapy. Part 2
 Indications:   obesity, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint stiffness, neuritis, radiculitis, chronic women's ailments, allergies and other children.

Weight is lost by sweating active during the procedure, while also normalizes the kidney. At a temperature of 48-50 degrees sand weight loss is 400-600 grams per session.

Contraindications:   and acute exacerbation of diseases for heart disease, atherosclerosis, infectious diseases, epilepsy, uterine fibroids, mestopatiya, endometriosis, tumors, tuberculosis, bleeding, circulatory failure and other diseases.

Procedure sand therapy:   you lie down on the sand face up previously obscure head (can wear a hat), body (dry skin) covers the hot sand layer 5-6 cm., on his stomach - 1-2 cm. (or even left blank), the area of ​​the heart - open. In this position, coming up to 30 minutes, children - up to 15. At the end take a warm shower and relax in the shade for at least half an hour. Typically, these procedures are assigned in a day or in combination with other treatments spa treatment. There is another option of treatment Sands already heated sand is poured into the linen bag and applied to the sore spot.

At home, such a procedure is not necessary to experiment, because Sand from the yard or construction is absolutely not suitable for psammotherapy, the more it must be carried out under the supervision of medical staff.

Where to go?   Evpatoria, Anapa, the Brazilian resort of Guarapari, Kerala in India, the resort town of Safaga in Egypt and other places around the world.

Where to go if the holiday will not soon?   Medical centers and SPA-salons of the city.
Author: Alesya Marchenko