Plain water - the most useful tool for health and beauty
 We can not live without water. No one in the world can. Up to 70 percent of the surface of our planet is water, and up to 60 percent of our body, among other things! We can live without food for a while, but without water we can not! It's really key to our health and life. But not only.

Water, plain water - a great part of our feminine beauty. This is our health and beauty of our skin. It acts inside and outside.

For cleanliness
- It is difficult to imagine the procedure of washing without water. No cleaning agents may be, but without water almost impossible. Wash with warm water. It is best to remove sebum.

- Cold water invigorates and even in the morning, allowing you to wake up, but still cosmetologists do not recommend wash in cold water. It provokes the bursting of the capillary vessels, which then difficult to treat.

- Cold water may be used only as a final chord in the washing. Rinse with cold water will narrow pores and prevent swelling.

- Cold water can also be used to rinse the hair after washing, it will give your hair more shine and reduce sebum production.

- A cold shower is also useful as a final step after taking a bath. This will improve blood circulation, give the skin and throughout the body tone.

- Tap water can not be regarded as a moisturizing ingredient. The most common long-term contact with water dries the skin. But cleanses the skin sebum of water is best.

 Plain water - the most useful tool for health and beauty
 In cosmetics
- Water is a fundamental component in cosmetics. It often takes up to 70 percent of the total composition of the funds.

- By itself, the water does not penetrate the skin because our skin is waterproof. However, a certain amount of water in the skin layers can deliver moisturizing cream or other cream. So advice to apply moisturizer to damp skin - is justified. Cream particles deliver water as deep as possible into the skin.

- Water in the composition of cosmetic products, unfortunately, also plays a destructive role. Water activates the bacteria. Therefore, all should have the cosmetic preservatives, or should be used within a few days, if they have no preservatives.

For good health
- Water, taken us inside, to prevent dehydration. Drink plenty of water, moisturize it from the inside, it is not only the internal organs, but also the skin, hair and nails.

 Plain water - the most useful tool for health and beauty
 - Water - a kind of fuel for our body. It comes in every cell of our body nutrients.

- Water flushes unwanted toxins.

- Improves circulation and blood flow.

- Water helps to ensure that the pH balance in the body.

- Dehydration can make you feel tired and sluggish, without water because our body's cells can not do their job properly. And, oddly enough, are often suffering from dehydration brain, he has to work harder than when the cells are saturated with water. Hence one of the reasons of headaches - dehydration, and the first board of pain in the temples - drink plenty of water.

- Water strengthens our bones. This is especially important for those who do not consume dairy products. Drinking mineral water helps the body to get calcium and prevents the loss of bone mass. Thus, the filtered water or spring has a minimal amount of nutrients for building bones. But the mineral has an average of 208 milligrams of calcium per liter. This is about one-fifth of the recommended daily allowance for women younger than 50 years (they should receive 1000 mg per day).

- Sufficient water consumption per day helps protect the heart. Within 14 years, the US National Institutes of Health conducted a study to coordinate attended 34,000 people. Those who consumed daily about 5 cups of water, almost 70% have reduced the possibility of a heart attack.

Slimming and weight control
- Water helps to prevent overweight. If you drink water, cooled to 37, 4 degrees, it will require a lot of energy the body. Within an hour after the consumption of cold water the body will continue to expend calories. The body will spend energy to maintain its internal temperature.

- If you drink before eating a glass of chilled water, it will not only help curb your appetite, but also reduce the calories.
Author: Olga Larsen