The healing power of water
 Water - a mystery that for centuries man tries to unravel. It contains a great power and amazing energy, filling the life of all living things.

Water in everyday life has long ceased to be a source of quenching thirst. Many of the procedures of modern medicine began to build on its healing properties. By using water treated people, improve their health, lose weight. When depression usually shower and a warm bath to effectively help in achieving peace and relaxation. Cold shower favors vigor and activity of the body.

Losing weight with water
Modern society today worrying problem of excess weight, so it is important to find new ways of getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. Studies show that water significantly affects the body's metabolism, and this helps to burn fat. Potassium and Sodium - two minerals that regulate water balance within the cells, while the sodium retains water and potassium outputs it. Thanks to this double action, we can regulate the water balance and effectively lose weight.

For example, cold shower stimulates the body to increase efficiency, which leads to energy costs. After this procedure wakes appetite, because It began an active metabolism. The main thing here - to choose the right food after a shower, and best of all, if it's fresh fruit.

 The healing power of water
 Rules making a cold shower:
If the alternate hot and cold shower during one procedure, the process of splitting fat increase due to the load on the body. This technique is contraindicated for people with diseases of the heart and circulatory system, with excessive (!) Overweight, blood pressure problems and a variety of chronic diseases.

It is interesting:   1 cup of water, "mutes" for some time a strong sense of hunger.

Cellulite water massage
The modern SPA-salons offer their customers service "shower massage" or long-known to all power shower and a Vichy shower, during which the affected cellulite skin acquire a "new life", improves circulation and relaxes the whole body.

Sharko shower - a very simple procedure with a stunning effect: he struggles with excess weight and cellulite, strengthens the immune system, resulting in muscle tone, energy and charge the human uplifting.

Technology procedure Sharko shower
The patient is at a distance of three meters from the unit, the feed water. At the first stage the whole body in front and behind the fan jet pour roughly about 2-3 times. In the second phase - a jet of water. On the third - the water a circular abdominal massage. And the last stage - another fan spray of water. The whole procedure may take from 5 to 20 minutes. Depending on the course of the patient's problems may be comprised of 15-20 treatments.

The procedure costs   SPA-center in Moscow from 400 to 2000 rubles, depending on the duration of the procedure itself, in St. Petersburg - also from 400 rubles, while you can buy a subscription for 20 procedures in just 6000 rubles.

 The healing power of water
 Phyto-bath and whirlpool
SPA-salons among a wide range of treatments are offered as a service "hot tub", which helps in the fight against obesity and is an effective anti-stress. A comprehensive program of 30 minutes in the capital's SPA-center will cost 2000 rubles.

The elasticity and youthfulness of the skin will help to maintain milk baths in conjunction with underwater massage jets on problem areas. The cost of a half-hour session - 2000 rubles.

Modeling a three-hour program, which includes steam bath with inhalation, hydro-massage pool, seaweed massage / wrap / exfoliation and application of anti-cellulite cream, will cost your wallet in 6000-8000 rubles.

 The healing power of water
 Relaxing and therapeutic baths can be organized at home, adding to the water sea salt, herbs, milk, honey, cream, and any essential oils. How nice to immerse yourself in a fragrant bath, giving up all negative thoughts, removing fatigue and stress.

It is interesting:   enemy of cellulite are citrus and pine essential oils. A few drops of oil of grapefruit, juniper or fir help in the fight against the problems of the skin.

Improving water treatment
Pouring water - the most common health treatments. Health promotion contributes to hardening process that makes you forget about the SARS and influenza. To say easy, but much harder to do, because with hardening it is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. An important moment in the hardening - is gradually (!) Drop in temperature of the water used for refreshment. There must be no sudden changes.

Technology hardening
Tempering recommended procedure begins with the wiping body. You can use terry cloth. In the first stage, the water temperature should be close to body temperature. Gradually, the water temperature may drop by 2-3 degrees Celsius. Go to the douche should start only after 3-4 weeks of daily rubdown. In the early days of pouring should begin with the lower parts of the body, only then climbing higher. In no case do not pour water sharply during the first procedures, gradually let it bathe your body.

Watch out for the water temperature to cool off and pouring. It is recommended to start with 32-37 degrees, gradually reducing to 15-20. Older people are not very recommended to lower the temperature.

Each procedure should be completed by rubbing the body to the skin turns pink, and you can use a towel or do exercises to warm up.

The effectiveness is confirmed, you will notice that stopped hurting, you have consistently good health and good spirits present.

It is interesting: if you suffer from insomnia, would be a useful leg pouring cold water - drench feet to mid-calf, and you will fall asleep soundly.

It is important:   If you decide to start the procedure for hardening, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Water - the basis of life! Remember this!
Author: Alesya Marchenko