All means are good ... .in the fight against cellulite
 Critically look around yourself in the mirror. Before the summer is exactly two months. It's time to stop eating kilos of biscuits, chocolate (this is when the headache, bad mood, head hurt, my love is not called, the cat is a pity and a thousand reasons), ice cream and sandwiches. The results of the winter on a kind of gluttony: hanging belly, "ears" on the thighs and the cellulite is cute. Nightmare !!!!!!!!! I realize that the extent of my cellulite is not even the first. While it is still treatable, an urgent need something to do!

So the first way

Anti-cellulite cream. On a beautiful jar known brand value of $ 30 it is written, "just two weeks of use - and the effect is stunning." Maju already 4 weeks. The skin became slightly smoother and more supple. But tubercles almost disappeared. Output, in principle, is simple: one can not eat cream. But finds the baby's skin.

The second way. Wraps

A friend advised me wraps. You buy the usual plastic wrap, wind and so lie somewhere in an hour. Within 10 minutes I was terribly hot and boring, because doing something that shook the entire lower part, extremely uncomfortable. After 20 minutes I finally got tired of being a mummy - and I shot the film. The skin all red and tortured. I felt sorry for his own body - and I smeared it thereby cream for $ 30 ... By the way, like so effective. The film then I tried another Razikov 5. It is very difficult for the skin. But, by the way, bumps become smaller. Eli practicing for a long time, it is very efficient. This method can not be used for those who have varicose veins or a vein located very close ... It can be dangerous.

The third way. Baths with anti-cellulite

White powder, which is written on the packaging the same magic spell that and cream, "two weeks take a shower with the means - and the cellulite will disappear." Yeah, go away! Then catch up and disappear. I was taking a shower 3, 5 weeks in a row every day, sitting in the bath exactly 20 minutes, as described in the instructions and spread the powder even more than you need .... Effect zero. Generally no.

Method fourth. Self-massage

I read in the book: to pinch myself and massage. For this you do not need special skills. I do not know how to massage without special skills, but all my attempts massage was one - bruises. I decided not to samoistyazatsya and left the case.

Method fifth. Dietary

To skin is not formed cellulite, you should not drink coffee, tea and alcohol. Do not eat fatty, starchy foods, smoked, grilled .... In general, regular healthy diet: fruits and vegetables. I try. Pete saving mode, drank juice and mineral water. Result: minus 3 kg, bleached teeth without coffee and improved health. Cellulite on the spot.

Today we came to work the girl-model weighing 53 kg ... And she has cellulite! They say, ecology ...

The method of the sixth. Banks

I warn you once: it hurts. Again, not suitable for those who have veins located close to the skin and those with varicose veins. After cans skin looks terrible, and if you're going on a date within the next 2 days is better to cancel the banks. On the skin are aspirated and bloody smudges. But the effect is! Check for yourself - just 7 put banks - and a little bit, but still reduces cellulite. But the seventh was for me last. Already very sick.

The method of the seventh. Massage

Now it comes to massage specialists. Moreover, it is advisable to consult specialists is in anti-cellulite massage. This massage - also one of the most painful and most expensive means of getting rid of bumps on the skin. On the half-hour massage you forget about everything. Not because relax, but because it hurts. For the period massage no skirts, because the legs covered with cellulite, all bruised. Still, it's worth it. Suffice months of constant massage - and the result is very noticeable! Of course, to get rid of orange peel in full, requires a longer period of time, but this is an individual approach to each.

The method of the eighth. Fitness + Massage

Now it is very much practiced a version of training Two hours is very heavy workout, and after the same anti-cellulite massage. Training two or three times a week. By nature they are very different: ranging from power, ending the elementary jumps on a skipping rope or step aerobics. Without a moment of relaxation. It works every muscle. Minus - very hard. Really really. Not everyone will pull a load on the heart and muscles. And then it is also a terrible massage. But it is very effective. So much so that in two weeks I lost 5 kilograms and has noticed a decrease in the orange peel.

Method ninth

The method is called "sauna at home." More precisely, I call it. Buy ordinary plastic bags and tied them to the place where there is excess fat and cellulite - usually the legs and abdomen. On top put on something warm sport, just so that packets are not dropped. And jump, dance, shake the press ... In short, do anything to most of you came out a lot of sweat. It's fun! The main thing - do not jump too intense, rattling on the floor, you can prevent the neighbors. Jump desirable not less than an hour, but you can all two. After a workout, take a shower and then apply the cream for the most $ 30. And by the way, check for yourself - the cost of anti-cellulite cream on his quality is not affected at all. This is not the case when it is possible to risk appearance. No cellulite cream does not cause irritation, as it contains no fruit dyes.

In fact, all means are good in the fight against cellulite. The question is, how much you have time, energy, desire, money, and, in general, what is the ultimate goal of this struggle. If there are no goals and no incentive, the struggle will not be a struggle, and so small inactive offensive. You can not say that cellulite can not be beat. If a person says, "I can not," it means "I do not want to."

In principle, the most efficient way is the combination of the foregoing. None of the hardest training is not useful if you cram the night rolls. And no massage is not pleasant, if the body does not spread a gentle cream that softens the skin. Keep this in mind and always try to combine all of the above methods.
Author: Marina Fomenko