Circles under the eyes
 Among a number of problems with the appearance of under eye circles occupy one of the first places. They give us a lot of trouble, giving the face a tired, and sometimes haggard look. However, their appearance - it is not only a cosmetic problem. There are several reasons for their occurrence, and in each case - their methods of struggle.

First of all, the purple patches of skin under the eyes can be congenital origin and triggered by too close proximity to the venous mesh surface of the skin. As a rule, in combination with the thin skin of the lower eyelids are following very visible and are not temporary, but permanent. In this case, the use of creams, popular recipes, masks for the skin around the eyes or any other outdoor funds will be sufficiently effective. A more effective way would be to use a laser to thickening of the skin under the eyes. But such an operation is best done in adulthood, thus solving two problems: the elimination of dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. At a young age may be advisable Lymphatic massage to do, which allows you to activate blood circulation and eliminate congestion, which will make circles less visible.

Another cause of dark circles under the eyes is congenital or acquired pigmentation. This problem is best solved using the creams, which include retinol. They will help lighten and whiten the skin around the eye subject to regular use for two to three months.

Very often under-eye circles are caused by rapid weight loss, especially in women aged 35-40 years. Sudden weight loss leading to thinning of the layer of tissue that separates the skin from blood vessels. Because of this vein begin to shine, there are bags. As a rule, the circles appear on the background of sagging skin. Crucial means to address these problems is to conduct plastic surgery.

Often the cause of circles and puffiness around the eyes are chronic heart disease or kidney disease. In this case it is senseless to fight community, not to cure them internal cause. Moreover, when the cause of kidney disease circles are not only failures in their work, but also toxic factor. As for diseases such metabolites are not fully displayed the body, they also provoke the dark circles under the eyes.

After forty years, there are many so-called under-eye bags or hernia century. They are provoked by the fact that with age, under the force of gravity, the skin person lowers. The skin of lower eyelids - the most delicate portion of the face and suffer the most. Creams case, as a rule, do not have a noticeable effect. More appropriate to apply the firming plastic, after which the seam completely invisible.

In most cases, the cause of dark circles becomes a modern pace of life, which the satellites are the constant lack of sleep and fatigue. Also, their appearance is triggered by smoking. The most best cosmetic in the first case is restful sleep, the second - the refusal of a bad habit. If the sleep failed, as an ambulance, you can use several tools:

• Eye creams that contain substances that activate blood circulation;

• Mask of carrots and raw potatoes, which are crushed grated and wrapped gauze and applied to the eyes;

• chilled green tea bags, which also applied to the eyes;

• pharmacy herbal sachets (knapweed, sage, St. John's Wort);

• rubbing the lower lid counterclockwise piece of ice;

• alternate hot and cold compresses;

• self-massage (pat from the outer to the inner corner of the eye);

• Gymnastics for the eyes (movements eyes up and down, left and right, drawing the eyes eights, large circle, the sign of infinity).

It is important to remember that clear dark circles under the eyes, which do not disappear after a full sleep and the use of special cosmetics - a reason to see a doctor to determine their causes.
Author: Natalia Biatova