Hair Removal - the synonym of execution? Or the pain of defeat
 The issue of hair removal will never lose its relevance. Of course, theoretically possible options such as fashion for "hairy" or method of hair removal "forever." But the probability of both events is very low and therefore not likely to happen in the coming years. In addition, the beauty industry - the business scale and extremely lucrative. Neither you nor I will not give up the opportunity to look even better than it is now.

And therefore at certain intervals (that is, the stability in life!) In front of each of us there is a question of getting rid of unwanted hair - in the areas of the armpits, legs, bikini.

Epilator - plus razor - minus

In the life of each of us there comes a day when the razor makes us hate. After all, to achieve the desired effect (or a millimeter of hair!) Have to shave almost every day! I'm not saying that it is extremely tedious. The fact that almost nobody avoids irritation. It looks, to put it mildly unattractive. To give the skin a rest at least a little, you cancels visits and sit at home. The fact is that thanks to regular hair reklamoobrabotke cause us complex. So, there are hair - there is no goodbye.

At this very moment we begin to think more and more about buying an epilator. And perhaps rightly so. The problem of unwanted hair can be solved for almost a month. However, as soon as the issue is removed from the razor irritation, automatically raises the question of pain of hair removal. What to do?

Hair removal for "caddy"

You know, there are instructions or tools - especially for the "Dummies"? We take care of "Beginners" and epilators manufacturers. Special nozzle, part of the kit consists of epilating discs that are heavily thinned. What does it mean? The fact that a single motion due to thinning minimal number of hairs pulled out. Pain, of course, also be smaller.

Snow Queen does not know the pain

One widely used method is to freeze anesthesia achieved by a cooling nozzle depilator. Special container (for example, works PHILIPS SATIN ICE TOTAL CARE HP 6433 / PB, Philips HP 6475 ) Before the procedure and filled with water at some time, put in the freezer. During epilation using frozen relieves pain and irritation, as well as stop the bleeding, which can occur if the torn hair sitting too deep.

The second way to reduce the pain came up in the Netherlands. The gel is made of a special cartridge that goes from the freezer and placed into the instrument just before epilation, it cools the skin. The cold not only reduces the pain - the fact that the first few minutes after cooling the skin does not feel anything at all. It is important to complete epilation before the gel is heated up and lose its effectiveness. Glove-Case, which is cooled with a gel cushion, supplied BRAUN 3880, BRAUN SILK-EPIL XELLE 5680 .

Massage works wonders

Reduce pain during epilation called and massage nozzles. Currently, manufacturers produce different variants. The principle of action of one - it boils down to the fact that during a massage the skin is broken transmission of pain signals through nerves. A similar effect is observed, for example, when triturated injured spot. Massage nozzles are equipped with many epilators, for example, Philips HP 6408, Braun 3270 .

Hold, Hold it!

We know that the pain is stretching the skin, which is raised after the hair by pulling the hair bulb. Specialists Panasonic   We solved this problem by using technology «Skin Protector» . Epilator equipped with a ceramic discs ES 2054 Which does not pull, and presses the skin without allowing it to rise together with the hair. Tweezers same exciting hairs, do not touch the skin, allowing you to make the process of hair removal virtually painless.

 Hair Removal - the synonym of execution? Or the pain of defeat
 "People's" anti-pain

If you are not ready (financially or psychologically) to invest in the appliance or change your device more expensive, use the tips of the wearer Runet, who are fighting with the pain, "national" means.

• Epilation recommended in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, in other words, after a couple of days after menstruation.

• The best time for hair removal is called the period from 16 to 18 hours.

• If your epilator no disc presses the skin during the procedure, pull epiliruemye skin manually.

• It is useful to know that the shorter the hair, the less pain.

• The cooling glove-bag (if one is not supplied) can be replaced with a wet towel. After the "freezing" it in the refrigerator should be attached to the skin before you start epilating.

• If your epilator no massage nozzles, should be vigorously massage the skin before epilation. Good work, if a little pinch myself.

• Some women are advised to heat the skin before. This can be done, for example, you take a bath or a steam bath in the bath.

• To process painless hair removal, it is recommended to use lidocaine lidocaine spray or capsules. After 3-5 minutes after treatment with a solution area hair removal can start the procedure.

• Other Menovazin write about - a local anesthetic, which will soften the pain before epilation. For our part, we recommend the use of these drugs to consult with experts.

• You can use a proven tool - the appliance and clean the skin with alcohol.

• Well, in the end, you can "ingest" cognac. This method of anesthesia has not been canceled.

Of course, the beauty demands victims. But I think you will agree with me that these victims should be minimal.
Author: Masha Medvedev