I am not ashamed of the stretch, I'm struggling with stretch marks. Part 1
 Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, rapid growth in teenagers, a set of muscle mass in men - all of which can trigger the appearance of the skin similar to scars strips from barely noticeable whitish to express maroon-purple scars. On average they strip length from 2 to 4 cm and a width of 1 cm, whip-like blows. This is the stretch marks (striae), about which we have heard or know from personal experience, and that is hard to miss.

Stretch marks can occur not only on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts. They may appear in the calf muscles, the popliteal fossa, back, arms, armpits.

  In most cases, stretch marks appear during increased hormonal activity. For example, during puberty in adolescents during pregnancy (especially in the third month), obesity, endocrine disorders (Cushing's disease and other manifestations of hypercortisolism (increased production of adrenal hormones)), for the treatment of hormonal preparations. Pregnant additional factors of stretch marks are also changes in the level of hormones produced by the ovaries, and the growing increase in the abdomen. Fetal growth not only leads to stretching of the abdominal muscles, but also stretchable skin.

  The skin cells (fibroblasts) that produce elastin and collagen, are sensitive to hormones, especially cortisol (a hormone of the adrenal glands). This hormone not only maintains the balance of the hormonal system, but also impairs the function of connective tissue cells (protein content reduces connective tissue).

!!!   If stretch marks began to appear "for no apparent reason," purple "creeping" in the eyes - should see a doctor, that would eliminate the severe hormonal disorders. Pay particular attention to teenagers: 10 to 12% of adolescents during puberty begin to gain weight rapidly. This may be a manifestation of youthful dispituitarism in which the adrenal glands secrete large amounts of hormones - glucocorticoids. This disease can also be formed stretch marks.

  Also, stretch marks can appear due to an increase in lean body mass at excessive physical exertion, when the skin is simply no time to stretch "under the new volumes." This process is often observed when doing bodybuilding and powerlifting.

  Stretch marks - skin area with destroyed or damaged connective tissue fibers: collagen (responsible for the turgor (support and resistance) of the skin) and elastin (responsible for skin elasticity). In fact, it plots with scar changes. In such places, violated trophic (feeding) of the skin. The skin is thin and weak.

  The recovery process is similar to the healing of the scar, first connective tissue contains blood vessels (purple or pink stretch marks), and then the number of vessels is reduced - and stretch marks fade.

  The "fresh" stretch, the easier they are amenable to correction. For any treatment will be directed at improving the trophism (nutrition) of the skin.

  By the end of the causes of stretch marks have not been studied. All of the above causes can amplify genetic predisposition. Not inherited by the tendency to stretch and elasticity of the skin. If you have a teenager appeared stretch marks on his chest, the risk of stretch marks from your daughter's big enough. If your mother were stretching during pregnancy, then you, too - at risk. So, you should stock up on special knowledge, patience and means of stretching.

  Experts agree: to get rid of stretch marks completely impossible. It is easier to prevent their occurrence.

To be continued...
Author: Valery Maslov