Inedible fruit
 We all want our buttocks were like a nut, such as elastic and beautiful. But, unfortunately, the reality is that they are often more like an orange, and not so much roundness and richness, much like skin.

Who it?

  Cellulite is called a modified fatty tissue, which is a "bumpy terrain" on our bodies, which we compare with the "orange peel".

How come?

  A body becomes a "fruit" because of uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat, disorders of the circulatory and lymphatic systems .  Basically, this is because of sedentary lifestyles .  A major role in this "black business" also play the female hormones - estrogens, or rather, their increased concentration in the blood .  This happens because of hormonal balance caused by birth control pills or dysfunction of the ovaries .  And hormonal surges during puberty, pregnancy and menopause .  The important role played by the correct diet .  Among the factors that encourage the appearance of cellulite, as heredity, thyroid disease, stress, sudden weight change, disturbances of intestinal motility, bad habits, overweight and bad environment .  All this contributed to the fact that the cells do not receive adequate nutrition, they begin to accumulate toxins, fat and other waste .  As a result of all the above tissues are sealed and are manifested in the form of uneven terrain on our beautiful flesh . 

Prevention and Treatment


  Try to balance your diet, do not abuse of fatty foods, soft drinks, salty and smoked foods, confectionery, canned food and alcoholic beverages. Meat, fish, poultry and dairy products should be low-fat. Include in your diet as many fruits and vegetables, and drink sufficient water - ideally 8 glasses a day.


  The simplest and most useful tool in the prevention and treatment of cellulite is walking. Try to arrange a small daily promenade, and forget about the elevator, well, if you are, of course, do not live or work on the eighteenth floor. It is also highly effective in "fighting the enemy" swimming, running, cycling, shaping, yoga, tennis and badminton, jumping rope, skating and conventional roller skates. Whatever type of exercise you choose for yourself, remember that the overvoltage is unacceptable.

Of course, in the bustle of our time it is not always possible to exercise regularly. But this does not mean that physical activity should be completely excluded, because you can do special gymnastics Which does not take much time.

1.   Stand up straight, his back against the wall, feet - shoulder-width apart. Bend the knees slightly and sit down by 20-30 centimeters. Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes. Then slowly rise, straining the muscles of the thighs at the same time. Repeat the exercise 6-10 times.

2.   Lie on your stomach, lift the straight leg and slowly 4-8 times to dissolve and join them.

3.   Lie on the floor on your back, raise your right foot, with the heel put on the chair seat. Then the left foot to put the foot on the right knee. To raise and lower the hips 4-8 times. Change legs and repeat the exercise.

4.   Stand straight with your feet together. Make 30-50 sit-ups on the serried feet. You can also do this exercise on spread legs, then it will help to strengthen the inner thighs.

5.   Sit on the floor, straighten your back, bend your knees. Put a tennis ball between your knees and slowly to force open and close the buttocks. Repeat the exercise 10-30 times.


  Massage improves blood circulation, prevents stagnation of lymph and promotes the breakdown of fat. Before the massage you need to put on your skin special anti-cellulite cream or gel and a good massage problem area stroking, rubbing and nibbling movements. Also, these procedures can be done in the shower with special brushes and sponges.

  A very effective, though, and quite painful, is a honey massage. To do this you need to take honey (not necessarily sugar-coated), put on his hand and patting movements to distribute on the problem area. Moderate movements to move to a more intense, more pressing and lifting his hand from the body. Appeared white substance on his hands speaks about the correctness of the procedure. Massage should be done in 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and honey to lubricate the treated space cream. The course of treatment - 15 procedures in a day.

Traditional recipes

  Wraps. Before you carry out the procedure, it is recommended to process the necessary parts of a good scrub, so all the nutrients better penetrate the skin, and the therapeutic effect is achieved quicker. However, it should be borne in mind that if you suffer from varicose veins, gynecological or cardiovascular disease, wraps you contraindicated.

  Take 1 package of blue clay, diluted with water and stir thoroughly. Add 2-3 tbsp. spoon of cinnamon and 3-5 drops of essential oil of orange (you can also use oil of lemon or tangerine). Apply on problem areas, massage and wrap film. Then, put on something warm and lie down under a blanket for 30-60 minutes. Then wash off the mask and apply anti-cellulite cream. The procedure is carried out in a day and a half weeks.

  Take apple cider vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 1. You can also add a few drops of essential oils (lemon, rosemary, mint). Apply on problem areas, massage and wrap film. Then, put on something warm and lie down under a blanket for 30-60 minutes. Then wash off the mixture and apply moisturizer.

  Take 1 package of black clay, dilute it with water and mix thoroughly. Add it in 2 tbsp. spoon in a coffee grinder milled seaweed (kelp), and 5 drops of essential oil of lemon or orange. All stir again, put a mask on the problem areas, wrap with foil and soak in the heat for 40 minutes.

  Take the potatoes, peel, cut into slices and put on the problem area. Cover with plastic wrap and keep for half an hour. Repeat the procedure as often as possible before the advent of sustainable results.

  Take 20 ml of olive oil is poured into a glass. Then, separately mix 3 drops of essential oil of lemon, juniper, lavender and pour into a glass. In areas of the body prone to cellulite, apply the mixture and wrap them with plastic wrap for an hour. The oil wrap efficiently not only helps in the fight against cellulite, but also prevents stretch marks.

  Spring - it's time to make the anti-cellulite mask with fresh herbs. To do this you need to take an equal amount of nettle and plantain, chop into mush, and add to the mixture 1 tbsp. a spoonful of orange juice or cranberry juice without sugar. All thoroughly and put on a mask problem areas for 10 minutes. 1 Make a mask once a week.
Author: Anna Winner