Mother nature
 Look glamorous, fresh and young is very easy with tips from the professionals of the beauty industry.

Mess around with the kids - hard work and at the same time maintain their appearance - ... yeah, that's another story. We received advice from the well-known make-up artists, professional experts and plastic surgeons on how to return the youthful glow of our skin. Take a little time to take care of themselves, to develop a good plan of care for the skin - and begin to radiate beauty.

Bright Ideas
Teens can manage their fatigue and to deal with shortcomings tired appearance. Telltale signs? Puffy eyes and dark circles. Concealer - the perfect fighter in this case. Use your ring finger (for the softest touch) to gently put it on a thin area under the eyes and red marks around the nose and chin. Then apply cream blush on the cheeks for a soft, vibrating shine.

Dual duty
Caring for young children leaves little time for self-care. However, it all depends on the ability to manage it. If you decide to moisturize the skin of your baby, and do not forget to anoint themselves quickly.

  Removing dead skin cells for its proper functioning - a necessary step in order to look young. Exfoliation is important, regardless of your age and the amount of free time.

Forever Young
The key to a beautiful, young skin - the timely application of cosmetics. What worked when you were 14 years old, will not help the 40 - the skin of all ages have completely different needs. Women make the mistake of neglecting your neck and neck with the cleansing and moisturizing. It is much easier and cheaper to prevent damage than to fix it. Start using a good moisturizer, gentle cleanser and night cream, which increases the level of collagen - and see the difference.