No - varicose veins!
 All we women certainly know how to love and be beautiful. And we love that men looked at us with admiration. According to numerous studies, the stronger sex first thing turns its attention not on the chest, as is commonly believed, and his feet. And then on our part in the course is the heavy artillery - moisturizing lotions effect lights, tanning and pedicures sexy. Everything seemed to be met, and we look simply divine in new shoes. But what if in the evening, our feet are languishing from fatigue, and in some cases already rayed nasty varicose reticulum? Do not panic! We will properly care for their feet so that they are healthy, and gait - flying.

1. Make a massage

Every day, do a foot massage from bottom to top. This will significantly improve venous return and relieve tension with tired legs. Start with the feet and then massage with gentle pumping movements of the legs, moving up. Positive effects can also be achieved by massaging ... lumbar spine. It is here that the nerves and blood vessels that go to the legs.

2. Giving holiday

When you sit, do not put your foot on the leg. This greatly impairs blood flow and can lead to stagnation. If possible, during the day sit with his feet on a table or chair in front. You will feel relief.

3. We go barefoot

On our foot is a huge amount of energy the important points that stimulate the internal organs. As a result, studies have shown that when walking barefoot improves the oxidative processes in the body, because the fabric saturated with oxygen. Stabilized pressure, which can not but affect the health of blood vessels and, consequently, on the beauty of our feet. And if you're still going to roll their feet special massager, your overall health significantly improve and enhance the overall tone and mood.

4. Move more

Of course, we all know that the movement - is life. And knowledge is needed to use them wisely. Charging, dancing, swimming, walking - all of it improves blood circulation. Here, the main rule - moderation. Go up the stairs, go through a couple of stops on foot, take a stroll through autumn park, when such beauty all around. Be careful that the blood does not stagnate in the veins. In addition, exercise contribute to the production of the hormone of happiness. A pleasant side effect, is not it?

5. Drink green tea

The properties of this medicinal drink known for a long time. Green tea - a storehouse of vitamins youth, such as A, D, C, E, and K. And it contains rutin - vitamin E, which helps lower blood pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them more flexible. Plus, green tea is rich in micronutrients, including phosphorus and potassium, which are beneficial not only for the cardiovascular, and nervous system. And in the end, as it is pleasant - a couple of minutes to break away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a cup of drink.

6. Love life

Health - this is happiness? Undoubtedly! Similarly, as happiness - is health. Already long ago it proved that positive emotions strengthen the immune system and prolong life. Alternative medicine also confirms this fact. It is believed that varicose veins indicating strong internal discomfort, because of which the veins literally lose the ability to spread the joy of the body. Think about whether you are happy at work, satisfaction with their personal lives? If not, maybe you should make adjustments? After all, you deserve more!
Author: Hope Cherepenina