Nourish your skin. Part 1
 Food - a way to achieve a beautiful smooth skin. We will help you choose the best foods to treat skin from the inside.

If you feel your skin is dry, you are trying intensively moisten it. The rash of spots? Then you do the antibacterial treatment. But did you ever think about improving your skin from the inside? When we eat too many chips and chocolate, the skin becomes greasy, and complexion can be unpredictable.

Oily fish

Most of us have heard that fish oil is good for our brains, but did you know that fish is also good for the skin? Fatty fish options - sardines, mackerel, tuna - they are full of so-called "good" fats known as essential fatty acids (EFAs). Thus, they are particularly important if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin and eczema. You should eat fish up to three times a week to feel and see the result. If you do not like its taste, try fish oil. Or if you are a vegetarian, suitable linseed oil, which contains options EFAa.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds - FOOD power - in other words, they contain a lot of valuable properties at a relatively low weight. They are filled with nutrients - vitamins A and E. They are known as antioxidants, they protect your body and your skin against pollutants in the atmosphere, as well as from the adverse effects of the sun. Just as an oily fish, nuts and seeds are rich in good fats that make your healthy complexion. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almonds and walnuts - can be added to your breakfast, salads or just eat as a snack.


It looks decent - but these scaly, covered with leather, green fruit are provided with a host of useful components that make your skin healthy, including vitamin E, "good" or monounsaturated fats. Therefore, you must have an avocado, if you suffer from dry skin. Avocados added to salads or cooked out of it guacamole (a Mexican sauce) with sour cream and chili.

Crude olive oil

Olive oil is very well respected in countries such as Italy and Greece, are used in medicine, not only in cooking, as well as to mitigate the burns from sunburn and other irritations by applying it directly to the skin. Olive oil is rich in components that are also useful for the skin.

What makes olive oil so useful for the skin? The fact that it has a "good" fats, antioxidants and vitamin E. Plus, it brings additional benefits for the heart. It can be expensive, but if you can use it instead of your normal oil, seasoning salads and adding to various dishes.