Weekend in the country
 With the onset of warm days, all becomes unbearable thought that would have to spend the weekend in the city: even the most diehard residents of the metropolis begins irresistibly pull on nature. Why indulge in such pleasure? It's time to collect the warm company of girlfriends and their fans, and all together go to the country. The main thing - properly prepare for the trip to meet possible trouble fully prepared. So, what surprises may lie in wait for the young lady in the city surrounded by nature?

Trouble number 1 - mosquitoes.   Unfortunately, the pack of hungry insects looking forward to visiting tourists within range of tasty, tender skin that just so bloodthirsty pierce proboscis. Of course, you'll be bitten by intensive combing space than nanesesh their appearance even more damage. Therefore, you need to stock up on a tool that will help you to relieve the itching and swelling at the site of the bite. It is desirable that it as fenistil gel contained no hormonal components and is well tolerated. And to prevent bites is not out of place to grab a bloodthirsty insect repellent repellents, for example, spray gardeks.

Trouble number 2 - injury.   The sudden burst of energy that you certainly will experience the outdoors can make you perform various movements, from which your body completely lost touch for a long winter. It is unlikely that you will be able to resist the temptation to play volleyball or table tennis, and maybe even going to run away from a playful lover during a romantic walk through the woods. Incidentally, all this fun is fraught with very diverse sprains, which may well further poison the rest. Therefore, prudent girl, getting out into nature, be sure to take with them the external agents, such as Voltaren Emulgel, which safely and effectively relieve pain and inflammation. And try to still keep their physical activity controlled to rest managed without injury.

Trouble number 3 - the common cold.   Not enough protoplenny after cold house can be not too hospitable and lead to the fact that the suburban weekend overshadowed cold. In this case, it is desirable to have on hand some effective complex preparation of the flu and the common cold, such as Theraflu ekstratab who quickly get rid of heat, chills, runny nose, and body aches. Not bad also for caution when recruiting wardrobe to include a warm socks and a sweater to protect yourself from the cold, which does not skimp on our nature, even in the warmer months.

Trouble number 4 - overeating.   Check the nature rarely do without the indispensable kebabs, which are usually borne an excessive burden on the gastrointestinal tract urban ladies, regular dieters. Therefore, filling his plate appetizing fried meat, try not to forget the sense of proportion. And to support it in any enzyme preparation, for example, mezim that help the body digest the countryside meal.

Trouble number 5 - itchy skin allergies.   Many urban women with great amazement discover that the spring forest is literally overflowing with a variety of flowering plants. This is often the opening women commit only when they begin a desperate attack of allergies, which is accompanied by intolerable itching. Since such cases are increasing, and you never know at what point the body will issue an allergic reaction, stocks antihistamines, which are, for example, tavegil will help you to prevent a repeat attack.

And do not forget the charger to the mobile phone - a universal remedy for all troubles, which allows at any time to call for help, in the form of a discharged becomes completely useless!
Author: Anna Mikhalskaya