Your guide to perfect skin
 5 5 instructions and prohibitions to slow the aging process of your skin.

You may need another 20, or maybe even 30, and you think that the problem of aging of the skin you are not yet concerned. However, you are wrong. With age, the skin begins to lose its youth, and if it is vulnerable to the sun, smoking, and stress, the process of active aging, reducing collagen, glow and elasticity begins much earlier. Line begin to appear, and the pores become more pronounced. It is much easier to prevent a threat than to restore its consequences, but the key point in this case is your personal initiative and desire.

Here 5 5 parting words and bans that will help slow the aging process and restore your skin glow at any age.

Quit smoking.   Have you watched the skin of lifelong smoker? It may seem like a wrinkled as a crumpled paper bag. In fact, smoking - the second largest source of skin damage after sun exposure. Why is that? Nicotine squeezes blood vessels and reduces the oxygen supply to the skin. Not a very good prospect.

Start using AHA and BHA (also known as retinol) every day.   Daily use of 1 per cent retinoid lotion (Retin-A or even better, Tazorac) can erase years from your face. Proper use of AHA not only removes most of the dead parts of the skin, but also makes you 10 years younger, leveling and reducing wrinkles. Keep in mind that these products do not reduce pores. The size of your pores is completely determined by heredity, so do not overdo the use of these funds. Alternatives are available without a prescription, such as a night cream RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is also good, but written out individually you better drugs. Important note: you should stay as far away from the sun when using retinoids. The skin is particularly susceptible to sunburn.

A weekly exfoliation.   Choose the formula that best suits your skin type. The chemical exfoliating agent (glycolic or salicylic acid) are best suited for oily and combination skin, while for sensitive skin scrubs work best.

One of the tried and tested tools are Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion or Lancome Resurface C Microdermabrasion.

  Daily use eye cream.
  Eyes - one of the areas where primarily manifest wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin, so its protection, use an eye cream with SPF filters. Excellent choice - Clarins Eye Contour Care SPF30 or Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 Eye Cream.

Consume antioxidants.   Antioxidants are invaluable when slowing down the aging process. An excellent option would Olay Vitamins Total Effects Beautiful Skin and Wellness vitamins.

  5 bans

Do not stretch or rub the skin.   Aging skin and so is under the perpetual influence of ultraviolet rays, stress and carbon monoxide - no more straining its eternal grindings.

Do not forget about moisturizing.   It is believed that the wrinkles are the result of dry skin, moisturizing reduce their appearance, further feeding the skin. It is recommended to use lotions that contain ultrauvlazhnyayuschie hyaluronic acids and essential fatty acids (also known as EFA).
Also, try Aquaphor Original Ointment, known as a miracle cream.

Do not ignore your neck and chest area.   They are also one of the first places to show signs of aging (because they contain fewer sebaceous glands than other areas), but most of us just ignore them. Do not forget about moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients take, like vitamins A, C, kinetin and copper.

Do not forget the sunscreen.   It's obvious. Even winter is enough for 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to damage the skin.

Do not sunbathe.   Even if the wrinkles are not yet manifested, it is better to stop the intensive sunbathing, because soon they will make themselves known. In addition to show signs of aging, you have to spend a lot more money to reduce their appearance. If you have already been exposed to sun exposure, you can reverse the process by means of rejuvenation, such as pulsed light treatment. Many salons and spas offer this expensive procedure.

Note: If you have started to follow the anti-aging regime, it must be constantly maintained. The effect of hydration, exfoliation action of retinoids is not eternal. It requires continued support.
Author: Ann, New York