As for a limited time to become younger
 Over the years, my clients - and totally immersed in the work of the people and well-known actors - always had one thing in common - they are all excited about the challenge of aging. Soft smooth skin, lush lashes and shiny hair should not be left in the past. I will tell you my tried and tested secrets of how to turn back the clock.


You start to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Good news - they can be magically disguised by a "Genie Instant Line Smoother" - the secret aristocracy of Hollywood does not want to resort to surgery! It - an amazing tool that makes lines and wrinkles virtually disappear. Exclusive formula fills the lines, creating a sleek and smooth canvas on which you will then apply your foundation. The results are visible already after 3 minutes and will stay as long as you do not Feeds. "Genie" contains aloe vera, collagen and vitamins A, C and E with powerful antioxidants, which help fight the signs of aging. Apply the product to clean, dry skin to help hide the obvious line, heavy eyelids, puffiness under the eyes, sagging jaw line and even vertical lines on the chest.

The lines around the lips

Lines around the mouth can give the effect of sagging, thin lips, especially when spread lipstick. The agent for the lips "Gale Hayman Lip Lift with Collagen & Vitamin" effectively moisturizes sensitive skin. It contains collagen, vitamin E, and aloe vera that help smooth wrinkles and straighten the line, leaving your lips smooth and had no time. Apply it whenever they need moisture - and you will immediately notice that your lips become softer, more rounded and young.

Dry skin of the cheeks

Pink cheeks always help make a fresh image. Cosmetic "la carte Angel Cheek Tint" - a high quality product handmade stick 3 in 1, that you can put on his cheeks, lips and eyes. It returns the skin delicious, moist texture and has a pink color that emphasizes its merits and graces, giving a fresh glow. Apply it on your skin whenever it will look dull - and you'll see the difference.

Skin tightness

To disguise the taut skin and add to her "radiant heat," use "Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse" - a luxury food. This is - a universal high quality dry oil for soft and smooth skin after the massage. The formula contains moisturizing ingredients, such as camellia, jojoba and vitamin E, and has a divine odor, with the addition of particles of crushed pearls for the face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Use at any time, apply to the face and body for sexy, shimmering, smooth, moisturized skin.

Dull hair

As you get older, your hair may change the texture, losing its shine and appear dull and lifeless. Collection "The MOP Glistening Hair Collection" helps to restore youthful hair, making them soft, smooth, vivid, giving additional volume. The secret is simple: in the media there is no chemicals, burdening the hair. This set includes "Glisten Shampoo" - shampoo that contains pure maple syrup and honey, to strengthen the hair structure and strengthen their shine. There are also "Glisten Conditioner" - air conditioning, which strengthens, restores and protects the hair from UV rays after coloring or perm; "Glisten Volumising Spray" - spray gives hair extra volume and enriches them with proteins and minerals from the roots to the tips; "Glisten Shine Drops" - drops that give the hair shine and protect them from UV rays.

Aging eyelashes and eyebrows

If you are accustomed to the lush eyelashes and eyebrows clear, you will not be pleased to see how the age they start to become thin and dull. And it can really spoil your appearance as eyelashes and eyebrows decorate and emphasize your eyes. The aid can come "Talika Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Stimulator". This wonderful non-greasy gel based on plant extracts, helps stimulate the growth of eyebrows or eyelashes. Formula Talika developed over 70 years and is now one of the main trade secrets of the company.

Prolonged skin care

To achieve deep lasting results, you have to be serious about skincare .  However, it is not necessary to climb out of their way to see the good results .  "Clientele" - the current secret weapon in the fight against the signs of aging .  The company uses in its products phyto-hormones to prevent aging hormonal (menopause, for you and me), in addition, the products contain an impressive list of components that provide immediate and visible results .  For young skin suit set "Clientele Elastology Firming Trio", which contains the serum for the lips "Lip Firming Serum", serum eye "Lotus Lift Eye Serum" and sealing serum "Lotus Firming Serum" for a full facial .  Rub massaged into the skin before using your normal moisturizer to counteract the depletion of the skin, the appearance of age spots and wrinkles .  A key component - an exceptional sacred lotus extract, derived from the seeds of the flower, which is fighting the first signs of aging . 

Aging and pollution

The "Elemis Anti-Ageing Discovery Kit" - the perfect solution to all problems. This set is the same formula that is used in companies Bond Street Salon plus the QE2 and 7 Star Hotel Spas around the world, where one procedure facials costs 120 pounds. This miracle set contains 14 capsules 14 "Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules", which help to fully cope with the visible signs of aging, and will counteract the daily pollution. There are also scrub "Papaya Enzyme Peel" and moisturizing mask "Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask", rich in vitamin C and has healing properties. You can try an eye cream "Eye Support and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream", firming the skin and supplies it with free radicals, plus a "Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment" for the neck and chest. Each kit provides sufficient means to control and contain the signs of aging. Their size is suitable for travel, so that you will spend a wonderful vacation and will return young.

All of these tools can make you a few years younger, taking only a few minutes a day. That does not mean you have to buy everything. We just want to help you select the products that really work.
Author: Ann, New York