Hepatitis C: the tender murderer - a severe sentence!
 Among viral hepatitis most insidious and dangerous hepatitis C. Doctors call it "gentle killer": the virus does not manifest itself for years, and when the patient asks for help, it happens, it's too late.

And yet: "With the right approach, hepatitis C can be cured completely," - said the head of the therapy department Vladimir B. Markovski.

Before interviewing specialist, I would like to receive the information, they say, first hand. The clinic treated a patient who showed just three hepatitis B: C, D and a rare type of TT. To him, I was going and when I was in the hallway "halls" Vladimir Borisovich. It turned out, was in a hurry in vain!

- Yes, he's already checked out! This is the result of our method of treatment: After a 21-day course in repeated blood tests were missing all three viruses. Now it is waiting for a three-month break and then supportive treatment. That give me an example of when it would be possible to achieve such a result is almost the past month!

- I can not give an example, I know only that the European Association for the Study of the Liver recommends a course of at least 6 months.

- That if used regimens, which must include interferons, for example pegylated interferon modern. And we do not use it. That is, we do not forbid it, of course, but an immunologist, I would not recommend it.

- And how do you get along without interferon?

- Very simple! Interferons - is cytokines, chemical mediators of inflammation are released by different cells. All cytokines act locally, ie only in the area of ​​inflammation. They not only destroy viruses, but also regulate the relationship between the various participants of the inflammatory process. But the action - local. And when we introduce an interferon into the bloodstream - a huge dose of millions of units - there are systemic manifestations. But the situation is hopeless, another kind of medication is not. Systemic manifestations: nasty flu-like phenomenon, disruption of bone marrow blood, most often it is leukopenia - a decrease in white blood cell count. Leukopenia itself - it is a manifestation of immune deficiency. When the numbers of white blood cells fall to a critical level, we have to interrupt treatment.

Various disorders of the psyche found in 30% of patients - depression that require additional treatment. On the introduction of interferon in the body develop antibodies, after some time, the dose becomes ineffective, it is necessary to improve, and this leads to an increase in side effects.

In addition, different types of viruses - genotypes - respond differently to IFN, there genotypes (for example, 1b), are not sensitive to the interferon doses used. After all six genotypes, different subtypes and about 100. And depending on the genotype of interferon treatment may be ineffective. This preparation we enter from the outside, and its own immunity in this situation works less because interferon causes a reaction on the part of other members of the immune system.

Inflammatory mediators are many. We do not know all the details of their interaction, do not know where we intervene by introducing outside cytokines, especially interferon. Immunity for hepatitis C is always in a state of tension, the body fights the virus. A interferon - a whip, which boosts the immune system. It's like a horse, if it constantly whip it fizzles out and drops. The same thing happens to the immune system. Therefore the use of interferon, from the viewpoint of immunology, incompetent.

- It turns out that the effects of the treatment even harder than the disease!

- This is a very rough method is a forced measure, because they know no other way. Treatment with interferon is expensive, has a lot of side effects and are not always effective. We have nothing like this happens! We use a different method of treatment and a unique product that is both an inducer of interferon immunomodulator. It regulates the synthesis of glycoproteins. This structural unit and the cell membrane receptors that are responsible for the functioning of the cell and its destination.

We introduce the drug, which is contained in every living cell, it stimulates its function and activates immune cells. Thus, it stimulates the factors and specific and nonspecific immunity. The drug has its own, very powerful and diverse antiviral effect. In addition, stimulating the production of very important intracellular components, and it is a biological stimulant. This is very important because the use of immunomodulators in patients with chronic intoxication is simply useless, it is necessary to carry out detoxification. And here all these actions has one drug, which is also is also a detoxifier.

The treatment regimen includes both well-known drugs and therapies developed by the Institute of Cybernetic Medicine. This reactive oxygen species, Riboxinum, Heptral vitamins - up to 12 different medications a day and a dropper, and the active oxygen and Magnitoturbotron, and much more. This formula is a powerful treatment stimulates all the body's defenses, supports it, without causing harm. The effectiveness of treatment is visible from the first minute!

- This intensive therapy! What do you think looks perfect treatment regimen for hepatitis C?

- Single treatment regimen for hepatitis C does not exist, dosage, frequency of administration - all very individual, all patients are very different, and viruses, or rather, their genotypes are different, too. Now I have treated the girl, weighing 42 kg, the drug was administered 4 times a month, and that was enough, after 3 months disappeared hepatitis virus G, and is the brother of hepatitis C. The other patient will be treated 8 months, the same dosage of it not approached. You can go to the hospital for 3 weeks and receive intensive treatment and then go on supporting course if need be. There are patients, which is convenient to come to 4 times a month for the drip treatment takes more time, but to come to the clinic once a week, and in the rest of the time - a normal life, family, work. The man did not fall out of life.

- So, a normal life with hepatitis C is still possible?

- Why should live with him? Without hepatitis - much better!

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