It's all in the hair
 Often using a hair dryer and hair straighteners? Struggling with unruly curls? We show you how to solve the 10 most common hair problems at home.

Dry, damaged hair

Do you spend a lot of time in the company of curling irons and hair dryer, your hair or simply suffer from cold winter air - you just need plenty of moisture.

Try one of the old home recipe, which helps restore over-dried hair. Mix one teaspoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, one egg and apply on the hair. It is rather concentrated, so that's all you need. Cover your head with a cellophane cap and wait about thirty minutes. Then rinse.

The color that fades too quickly

You hassle packs expensive hair dye and the color fades so fast that you do not have time to even notice. In addition to protection from the sun and use a shampoo for colored hair, the key to keeping the color and shine of hair is a diligent and proper care.

Buy a coloring shampoo to one tone darker than yours. Make sure it is not dolgostoykaya paint, and that it will wash off after a few times. Apply it on the hair for 5 - 10 minutes, then wash hair with shampoo and conditioner. This will help restore your natural hair color, until you got to the cabin.

Rebellious curls

During the winter, too high temperatures in the premises can bring the hair down, with the result that it becomes impossible to keep them under control. Fight against bad weather by using good products and articles.

We have curly hair trends pushitsya when you remove the cap. Try to collect them in a free beam or pull and smooth them using special tools.

Hair that lose their shape

Even soft, smooth hair can get out of shape in the winter when the humidity increases and there are atmospheric fluctuations. Help support the volume of hair using a simple recipe.

White vinegar really helps to increase the amount of strands. Once washed and conditioned hair with shampoo, apply a small amount of water divorced vinegar on hair and rinse in the shower. He also works as a cleaner, removing hair from accumulated for a long time deposit, aggravating your tresses.

Greasy hair

Does your head suffers excessive functioning of the sebaceous glands, or you overdo it with the modeling tools - the scalp can be saved without the need for washing.

Spray hair spray Redken Workforce 09, which absorbs fat and then dry. Similarly, any running dry shampoo, if absolutely necessary, use a good old talc. Sprinkle it on the roots, and then comb the brush through the hair.

No time to wash your hair

In the evening, you look perfect, but a few hours of dancing and good sleep can make the appearance of hair is not quite suitable. It is easy to bring your hair in order, without the help of water.

Believe it or not, but perfume - the best thing if you do not have time to wash my hair. Shake your head, throwing her hair back, drizzle perfume and quickly start to massage the roots, giving the hair volume. They smell just fine, and no one will notice the difference.

Terrible haircut

Probably, with many cases such a situation when the stylist chair turned to the mirror and tears and began to drive up to your eyes at the sight of his reflection. If you are the victim of a bad haircut, a hat - not the only option.

Now a huge number of salons provide services for hair extensions, and it is an excellent way out of a difficult situation. In general, be careful in these situations. Before you sit down in a chair barber, make sure he has a good mood. If it had always bad, just change your stylist.

There are plenty of online consultation with the hairdressers: you can go online and pick out of a professional who, in your opinion, best meet the needs of your hair.

Dull, matted hair

Some shampoos there is a huge amount of impurities, which only hurt the beauty of hair. Rid your hair from excess and let them shine.

For a really dull hair once a week, try to use a deep cleansing shampoo for detoxification. You can also use essential oils to give your hair shine - mix oils of ylang-ylang and jasmine and lightly sprinkle with hair.

Calling blonde

Bleached hair can quickly lose luster, resulting in a color that does not look like a natural. Avoid like clown image.

Use a shampoo magenta or purple to prevent yellowing of your hair.

Early signs of gray hair

No matter how early you found it, how often you have them pull out, gray hair is not going anywhere. If you think that pulling out gray hair, get rid of them, you're wrong - you do worse.

Instead of useless pulling, first offenders expose their good color handling. Light strands - a great way to cover up gray hair. As soon as their number increases, you can move on to solid colors.
Author: Ann, New York