"Kissing the sun" or what to do with freckles ?!
 Well, finally, and waited: blue sky, bright sun, spring at the door, but my heart is restless - all we are intently looking at myself in the mirror. Yes, here they are - the first messengers of spring - little light brown spots on the nose and cheeks. He likes many of us, honey and generously puts his metochki, although not all are pleased.

Of course, there are those lucky that funny konopushki only add to the charm, charm and beauty does not hurt, but the majority of women by all available means trying to get rid of them, or at least, make it less noticeable. But still, before beginning a decisive struggle with freckles, look at yourselves in the mirror and think carefully: is it worth for you to conceive it? After all, many people do freckles especially nice, cheerful and attractive.

The appearance konopushek we owe much to the presence of substances in the skin - the pigment melanin, which is protective and gets in the way of ultraviolet radiation, protecting our skin from excessive "love the sun." For some complex reasons many people the melanin is distributed unevenly in the skin, which causes the formation and age spots, and harmless efelid (as the Greeks called konopushki - solar nashlёpki). It is believed that with efelidami often faced natural blonde, as well as holders of red hair. They explain this by the fact that their light skin contains little melanin. But there are exceptions to this rule: Here I am, for example, a dark brunette, but, nevertheless, from early childhood every spring the face, especially the cheeks, covered with loose brown spots that I have, alas, not decorated.

If you think that you do not konopushki brown-to-face, then you must now take urgent preventive measures.   I knew how to whiten skin in ancient Egypt and Greece, Egyptian and Greek women struggling with freckles, using for this purpose horseradish and dandelion, and then lemon and cucumber. These funds were used and tanned beauties in the fashion of the era of white skin (and it was always fashionable). Cleopatra used for white skin ointment of white and crocodile dung (which does not make for the sake of beauty!). Roman beauties also used white and powder, clear or colored. Flour from rice, beans used a Greek, but the Slavic beauties prefer wheat flour or chalk.

In the Renaissance and the Reformation ladies covered the face, neck and chest with lead whitewash, chalk or mercuric chloride than do irreparable damage not only your skin, but the general state of health, because of mercuric chloride and lead salts accumulate in the kidneys and poison the body. When, finally, doctors have proven harmful bleaches such, they were replaced by rice powder, however, freckles, it does not eliminate, and masks are not enough reliable. Then came the foundation, proofreaders, etc.

But still, what to paint and zapudrivat better to try to prevent the appearance of freckles. Large glasses, umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen should always be in the arsenal of those who are prone to excessive pigmentation. And, of course, protective creams and lotions with a UF-filters. It is useful in the early spring to take ascorbic acid and nicotine they reduce the level of sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.   The diet should include sauerkraut, tea rose hips, apples, lemons, oranges and other foods that contain vitamin C to fight with freckles you can use the peelings or bleaching preparations. These beauty products contain a complex bleaching agents, vitamins, and softener. Determine what lotion or cream works best for your skin, it is difficult and it is better to resort to professional beauticians, otherwise the selection process can take several months, but already there and the spring is over.

If little freckles, and they have bright colors, it is enough to wipe the face with water diluted to half the juice of onion, sauerkraut, cucumber, grapefruit, lemon or vinegar in the morning and evening. You can also wipe the pigmented areas of parsley juice, celandine, cranberry, dandelion or birch sap. If the situation is serious, you can try the following mask.

Mask of horseradish and sour milk.   It is necessary to mix a quarter cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of oatmeal and half a teaspoon of grated horseradish. The resulting mixture should be placed on the top flap of gauze and cover the other flap, for 15-20 minutes to put it all on the face. Morning and evening is good to wipe the face infusion of parsley. Two tablespoons of chopped parsley, pour a glass of boiled water, for three hours, then strain. Infusion store in the refrigerator no more than seven days. It can be frozen - and wipe the skin with ice cubes.

Juice of onion If to wipe his face with morning and evening, can eliminate freckles, or make them inconspicuous. To combat them, and pigment spots fresh onion juice mixed with equal amounts of diluted honey and applied as a mask on your face. After 20 minutes, the mask is removed wet swab.

Another one Useful whitening mask onions : Fresh onions, chop on a grater, mix with beaten egg whites (taken equal amount) and apply to the face. For ever applied lotion with chamomile extract. The mask is removed with cold water. Such masks are made daily until the desired effect.

For all skin types suitable daily mask of dairy products, which may be used for 15-20 days.

To remove freckles have appeared   and large pigmented spots are different methods in beauty parlors, until the laser.
Author: Olga Travleeva