Preparing for spring
 Spring descends suddenly ....

Although the calendar to spring more a month, now is the time to start preparing for the spring season. As they say, "Prepare sledge in the summer, and the face of the spring - in the winter." Otherwise, there is a possibility that the first warm days are not bring us so much joy and pleasure, as one would expect.

After all, spring - a difficult period for our body, when avitominoz winter, spring fatigue, unstable weather cause depression and not the best way to affect the state of the skin and hair. And then there's the winter winds, low air temperature, artificial heating led to the desiccation of the skin, a violation of the integrity of the lipid barrier. In addition, the food we usually used in winter, rich in carbohydrates and fats, but the minerals and vitamins in it is just not enough, because even those vegetables and fruits that we have kept until the spring, is not so rich in natural ingredients like autumn. Particularly bad effect on the skin of zinc deficiency, which is absolutely necessary for the formation of the structure of the skin, hair and nails.

Conclusion - to meet is the best time of the year armed with beauty and with an excellent mood, need to take in advance are not that complicated measures.

First   you need to do - is to replenish our supply of vitamins .  Perform this task in two ways .  The most simple - go to the nearest pharmacy and find the suitable vitamin complex, according to your age, health and size of the purse .  Well, but you can work on your own diet and include vitamin infusions and decoctions, for example, rose hips, dried raspberries, add the sauerkraut on the menu, and sea kale, raisins, prunes, dried apricots, citrus .  Not bad on a daily basis will prepare light salads of raw carrots with garlic and mayonnaise or salad of grated beets with apples, garlic, nuts, mayonnaise .  Who likes that .  To strengthen the immune system there is a very effective recipe based on St. John's wort and wine .  Grass insist on medicinal wines "of Cahors" or "Madeira", 50 grams of dried St. John's wort for 500 grams of medicinal wines .  A bottle filled with grass and wine, stoppered, insist at least one day in a dark place at room temperature .  The prepared infusion of St. John's wort is recommended to drink a tablespoon 3 times a day before meals for two weeks . 

  In addition to dietary changes, will bring us huge benefits daily walks in the fresh air The more the better, especially useful for a walk in the evening before bedtime. And, in general, the correct schedule will help us get rid of tiredness, fatigue and give rest of our nervous system. It is very important time to go to bed to wake up in the morning with a clear head. Drink 30 minutes before going to bed half a cup of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric better. It will soothe and relax your mind active, and gradually you will sleep like a baby. It is also useful when you come home after a night out to light sedative (mint, valerian, sandalwood, opium, daisy, peony, motherwort) incense, aroma lamp or herbal brew broth 20-30 minutes and get some of these odors. Also, do not want to ignore such a simple and effective means, as total relaxation (relaxation) before going to bed, lying on his back, so that not only all muscles, starting with the person to relax, but after them - and the mind, and the mind, and feelings ...

  Well, of course, that the spring has not brought us to grief instead of joy, do not forget the special skin care and hair care.   Surely your favorite cosmetics company is in the range of special series of products spring care: lotion and serum, nourishing creams and masks .  It's time to do the selection of cosmetics, and even if we add to it a refreshing masks from fruits, milk products and eggs - the result will not wait long! Return the color of tarnished self-massage helps the skin .  In the morning it is very useful to wipe the skin with a piece of ice from the frozen tea or decoction of herbs, or decoction of lime blossom and honey .  No less important given the brightness of spring sun to protect the skin from harmful UV rays .  Ultraviolet rays cause skin aging, wrinkles and covered with pigment spots .  Therefore, during the day it needs proper protection .  You should always apply a moisturizer with SPF in the morning, at least 30 minutes .  before leaving the house to have time to soak in active filters and form a protective layer .  In the evening, after cleansing should impose greasy nourishing night cream and sure, t . to .  Night creams contain a lot of fat .  For very dry skin cream is applied with a thick layer .  At night, the process of its recovery .  By the way, to cleanse the skin is better to use lotion, tonic or soft gel for washing .

Love yourself and your skin - and the result is correct and pampering your skin will look fresh, beautiful and healthy, and no vagaries of fickle spring you will not be afraid!
Author: Olga Travleeva