Seven Secrets to a successful rejuvenation
 Feeling a little bowed? Try these simple steps to rejuvenate.

Dispose! Clean your pantry of all superfluous, what prevents you to be in shape and harmful to your health. Namely, from products containing refined sugar, flour, fats or primary prepackaged - type sandwiches and high-calorie foods. A ban on artificial sweeteners, colorings and preservatives in your home.

Moisturize!   Keep moist body - one of the most important things you can do to encourage healthy aging. Aim to drink at least six to eight glasses of pure, fresh water. Liquid consumption can also be increased through the bottle with filtered water, herbal teas and natural squeezed fruit and vegetable juices that offer additional benefits, being the source of many nutrients.

Detoxify!   Our bodies work so that self rid themselves of toxins, and if you eliminate all the unhealthy elements from your diet, you make the process much easier! Some foods, such as garlic, onions, citrus (especially lemon), apples, carrots, flaxseed, live yogurt and fresh herbs (thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint, lemon balm and parsley), is known to enhance the detoxification process . If possible, include them in your diet. Green leafy vegetables and legumes - sources of key nutrients that can support this process.

Practice!   Each system in our body have a positive impact regular exercise. They protect the body, promote the growth of hair and nails, improves the memory and the heart. Try to devote 30 minutes a day to aerobics and gradually add weight training and stretching exercises, such as yoga.

Protect and save!   Eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels stable, but do not overfill your stomach. Little and often - this is the optimal rate. Support index calories at a low level - a proven formula to prolong life! Choose the freshest organic produce to increase the intake of nutrients. Take a break to beat stress, which shortens your life and adds extra years to the appearance. Protective nutrients include everything you need for your body to withstand the pressure and pollution. Turmeric, green tea and ginger - a good choice. Take care of your body. Good nutrition and healthy sleep acts as a measure of protecting the physical and emotional disorders.

Better!   Maximize the benefit of what you have: Buy fresh, quality products, use organic, nutritious foods for your skin, hair and body, every day Exercise to improve muscle and joint mobility, which also increases your coordination and energy level, choose only high quality supplements and nutritional oils and medications to improve your viability.

Do what you feel.   Dance, laugh, hesitate, build relationships and stay positive!