Sun, sea and beautiful hair. Part 1
 Everyone is waiting for the summer heat beckons us to rest to the sea in tropical countries. But the high temperature, the sun, chlorinated water, salt water - all these factors are bad for the health and beauty of hair. A hair is an integral part of our image. We always want to look your best, and therefore we can not ignore the health of the hair for a nice day of relaxation under the hot sun. And that after the vivid memories of the holidays does not upset the state of your hair, you just need to watch and care for them in a timely manner.

Negative factors can severely damage the hair, which can lead to serious consequences and long-term treatment.

The chlorinated water (swimming pools) or salt water (in the sea) make hair dry and brittle, they lose their luster and elasticity. Salt water in conjunction with the sun prevents the resumption of keratin that surrounds the hair and it is protected from damage, which leads to deterioration of the hair.

The heat evaporates the moisture, so the hair becomes dry and stiff enough.

Ultraviolet and infrared rays partially reduce the strength of the upper layer or the hair, scientifically, reduce the strength of the structural protein of the hair shaft - keratin. Hair can become dry and break off. Also, under the action of ultraviolet radiation, they burn out, since the radiation destroys colorants (pigments) hair. Therefore curls summer become lighter his usual tone.

So, going on vacation, you need to follow a few rules that will help preserve the health of your hair and will warn against unnecessary trouble. They are simple and unpretentious.

At first, if you often colored hair or a perm do, try to carry out these procedures in advance, somewhere two weeks before the holiday, and even better - for three.   Perm - generally ordeal hair that require recovery after it, and the scorching sun will experience a double stress. Therefore, if all of you have decided to take this step, it is better to visit the beauty salon and consult with professionals. Color your hair immediately before the holiday may get a surprise and very unexpected. Given that under the action of ultraviolet light hair color fade, you may have an unexpected shade after some exposure to the sun. Therefore it is better to turn to again and professional advice which one is better to choose the shade of hair dye, to see if they burn out again, it was not so noticeable, and has managed to your vacation without stress.

Secondly, it would be better to visit the salon and cut posechennye tips, but if this is not necessary, anyway is to update the hairstyle.   In the summer due to the sun and wind the hair are more prone to dryness, and the tips are cut so much faster than in the winter.

Take the time to prepare and you can undergo rehabilitation salon procedures, nutrition and hydration of the hair. In any case, it will do them good. In the salons use special cosmetics luxury brands such as, for example, Alterna, L 'Oreal Kerastase, Rene Furturer.

And thirdly, it is necessary pay special attention to such simple accessory: a scarf, scarf, shawl, a hat or a hat.   This is a very reliable way to protect your hair from the sun and, besides, these seemingly simple little things will protect you from sunstroke and give your look more attractive and elegant. Headgear is better to choose from natural materials (straw hats or panama, felt hats, shawls or scarves made of cotton), which is well pass the air and protect against UV rays.

All of these tips are good, but the main helpers in the protection from UV radiation are cosmetics. And it does not matter - you are going to the sea or spend a vacation, sunbathing in the country - in the summer need proper hair care. Therefore, no cosmetics can not do. Their choice is very large, and to choose the price and quality can be easily and quickly. Now let's see what tools are needed for summer hair care.

Shampoos should try to choose the softer the hair, and so dry from the sun, do not dry up even more.   For example, shampoo Solar from L 'Oreal will effectively wash away the salt and chlorine and to restore your hair after exposure to the sun, in addition, it contains UV filters. Since the hair washing, we produce a lot of mechanical movements, damaging the structure of the hair, in the summer it is better not to wash frequently, as needed. In this hair washing in hot water is not very useful, since it stimulates the sebaceous glands, which leads to rapid contamination. How long to keep your head in the shampoo is also not necessary, it is better from this hair it does not wash out, but if there is a need, it is better to repeat the procedure. But if the shampoo is used for medicinal purposes, then you must follow the instructions. Using shampoos "two in one" we must remember that these tools are not very good in the summer. They are less effective than the tools specifically designed to protect hair from the sun and wind in the summer.

Using shampoo, do not forget about the air conditioner or balm-conditioner for hair. These tools are easy to use and does not require much effort. At the same time they are well reduced and nourish the hair, penetrating into their structure. These magical means of returning the energy and protect hair from the harmful effects of the environment. Instead, the air conditioner can be used decoctions of herbs - they are natural and contain many useful substances. Dry hair can be rinsed with broth chamomile or mint, and damaged hair suit decoction mother and stepmother. You can use the grandmother's recipe, adding the water for rinsing the hair a little vinegar or lemon juice. If you are not afraid of changes in temperature or in the shower you feel "walrus calves", you can rinse your hair with cool water - this procedure will add vitality to you and your hair.

Of course, better to use shampoo and conditioner line.   Summer sun protection offers Oriflame - protective shampoo, conditioner and hair spray with UV filters from the line Summer Solutions. But, unfortunately, shampoos and conditioners that contain sunscreens are not very effective - they are rinsed off with water. These tools are relevant, if you are not on the beach, and after swimming is not necessary to rinse your hair with clean running water. Therefore, for a long-term protection against adverse factors of the summer is necessary to use additional means: sprays, creams, oils, gels with UV filters. However, the company manufacturers do not stand still and offer a new formula of UV filters, which are fixed on the surface of the hair and not washed for a long time.

Leaving the house or going to the beach, just before the release is desirable to put a special Spray with UV protective component from the sun and wind.   Rinse off is not necessary! These funds gently envelop the hair, thereby protecting them from adverse factors of summer. For hair dyed or permed need specially designed tools. Sprays are convenient to use, and they can be carried in a purse and used when needed. Also sprays have creams, gels with UV filters, which are also applied before leaving the house, and, moreover, such tools can fix the hair and, at the same time, to protect the hair from radiation.   For example, restoring cream for hair styling easy fixing Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Style Creme from the company Brocato is a multifunctional, versatile, lightly fixing cream rich in moisture. It will help protect hair from fading and from the harmful effects of the environment.

There are also more radical measures for hair care, if they have been damaged and require treatment and recovery. it special masks, oils and lotions for hair . They will help restore damaged hair, nourish with vitamins and minerals and make them healthy and beautiful. Usually such products contain mortgaged program (a complex of nutrients and minerals) to restore damaged hair. Therefore, these agents should be carefully selected according to the type and hair problem. The advantage of such means of rescue is extra help at home and comfortable environment. Strong assistant may make silk hair mask SanoTint by company Vivasan. When used regularly, it restores the structure of the hair and scalp, protects from aggressive lightening agents and UV rays.

All these means - shampoos, conditioners, masks, and so forth, will have an even greater effect for your hair by using cosmetics one line under the same brand. They run in conjunction with a balanced and health-improving composition. Thus, the complementary means and thus enhance its effect. These toolkits program for hair care are very comfortable and not demanding to use and affordable.
Author: Anastasia Raikov