Beauty Tools
 The process of applying cosmetics - one of those moments when you feel like a real artist and a master of the brush will do without?

To make a good make-up'a important not only correctly selected scale and quality cosmetics, but also the ability to take advantage of all this correctly, that is to own fully the art of applying makeup. It is for this reason that every woman should own all the virtuosity of cosmetic tools: sponges, powder puffs, brushes, applicators.


Sponges come in different sizes and shapes: rectangular, oval and triangular. The choice of form depends on what functions will serve sponge. For example, a triangular sponge allows access to small wrinkles on the skin, especially around the nose and eyes.

Sponge tips

• In the sponges should be slightly moist.

• Sponge tone distributes evenly and smoothly, lining the complexion and correcting its shortcomings.

• As in the sponge rapidly accumulate bacteria, which can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin, after a few uses it is necessary to wash it with soap and water and dry thoroughly.

Interesting!   Most professional makeup artists applied tone and using the fingertips.


 Beauty Tools
 Powder Brush - large and round in shape. Soft fluffy brush made of natural hair (eg pony) make it easy to spread the loose and compact powder, make-up natural.

Brush for blush should be dense and elastic - it usually makes a clear outline. Its width - 3 cm. There are big fluffy "round" brush for wide brush strokes.

Contoured brushes are used to identify or correct facial features according to the needs and desires.

Applicators for shadow with a sponge at the ends allow you to make the color deeper shadows. If their pre-moisten color turns darker and intense.

Brushes for the application of lipstick will give your makeup a professional look, especially if you have to apply lipstick dark tones. The brush should be soft, elastic and slightly tapered. It allows you to accurately and precisely applied lipstick, pearl and lip gloss.

Brush tips

• Dip the brush in the powder compact and abundantly dial on her powder. Lightly apply powder on the face.

• All "smears" should go from top to bottom, as a thin fuzz on the face of growing in this area, and the skin will look smooth and silky.

• Brushes and used to brush away any excess powder after using the powder puff.

• Contour brushes sprayed powder on the delicate skin under the eyes or shaded borders blush and eye shadow.

• The larger the shadow brushes applied to large surfaces - eyelids, forehead or mixed colors, so they "flow" from one to another.

• most small and thin brushes gently emphasize the contour of the eye.

• Apply blush brush upward motions from the middle of the cheekbone to the temple.

• First, draw a line lip contour pencil, emphasizing their shape so that they look more complete. Dense brush, take a small amount of lipstick and lip contour circle, then a thick layer of lipstick paint their entire surface.


 Beauty Tools
 Puff distributes dry powder and easily brushes away the excess. However, from time to time puffs should be disinfected, to avoid potential skin irritation.


Sharpeners for cosmetic pencils are available in two sizes: thin - to the contour pencils (for lips, eyes and eyebrows), and large - pencil-shadows. For sharpeners need to carefully look after brushing chips and remnants of soft-core, otherwise they quickly grind.

Curling tongs

Eyelash curlers, according to experts, open look.

 Beauty Tools

Lash tips

• To curl turned cool, first apply a curling at the roots of the lashes, and then in the middle and then at the ends. Gentle movements squeeze the tongs and hold for a count of 20, then release.

• procedure can be done either before application of mascara, or - after. In this case, make sure that the ink is well dry, and gently push the clippers.
Author: Inna Sedykh