French manicure - fashionable classics
 Elegant nail protruding from the edge of the white, suitable for any wardrobe, image and style that's been going on for decades, is at the peak of popularity

One of the main means of nail care - manicure. It is giving them a beautiful shape, delete (or move aside) strips of skin (cuticle) surrounding the nails, and in most cases, cover them with lacquer. French manicure - one of the most elegant ways to decorate nails. In this procedure, the nail is covered with transparent varnish natural color of the natural nail and the free edge of the speaker - white.

In 1976, the head of the American firm «ORLY» Jeff Pink has developed the world's most well-known type of manicure at the request of the Hollywood producers who are fed up with the actress several times a day change nail polish, because it does not fit in another dress or suit. And introduced the concept of universal manicure - natural shape and healthy.

American manicure, which is suitable to any dress, called "French" or "French" after a fashion show in Paris, where Pink proposed a new model, recently invented a Hollywood version of a manicure. Within days, news of the new manicure spread through Paris. Every Parisian is now in a hurry to do the same yourself. As a result, Jeff Pink has given a new technique called "French manicure" for commercial success.

Today, the stores a wide range of tools for "tunic". The standard set includes: Lacquer natural color (some companies offer kits where pink matt replaced, such as beige or white lacquer with mother of pearl), white nail tip, nail stickers set for hands and feet, and detailed instructions. So the ancestor of the French manicure sets the company apart from ORLY produces an entire line of varnish coating. Guerlain is also introduced in the market for a French manicure set of three varnishes that are easy to apply, making nails beautiful and shiny. Companies such as Avon and Oriflame, also produce nail-to-date goods. Well-known producer of nail care Sally Hansen also has a wide palette of paints for French manicure. White nail tips can be replaced by a special whitening pencil, which paint over the entire edge of the nail protruding from the back side.

French manicure is considered one of the most difficult, but it can be done, and himself, showing miracles of patience and perseverance .  There are two French manicure technique: by hand and the pattern .  Special templates or stencils for the French manicure, which significantly facilitate the application of varnish, can be purchased at beauty stores .  The basis of the French manicure - beautiful oval or square shape of nails, so you have to work sawing .  Fingers is soaked in the bath to soften the cuticles and trim it .  You can use special tools for edging manicure to soften cuticles and push a stick from an orange tree, and then it is removed .  In the treated nail applied clearcoat-base, then drawn firm "Smile" .  To do this, you need to nails sticking patterns, with the free edge of the nail must remain open .  On the tip of the nail, apply a white lacquer .  Irregularities and stains can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover .  Next you need to remove the template and dry nails .  Now you can cover the nails pink or beige varnish .  Coverage is better to start from the right side edge, holding a brush in the middle of the nail, and then repeat the same with the left hand .  To manicure last long, can cover the nail varnish fixative .

Application of the French coat of arms harder and requires perseverance. After hygiene white pencil put lines limiting the free edge of the nail, which will bear the white lacquer. Each nail lacquer base under cover and allow to dry. On the edge of the nail apply white lacquer from the center, and then on both sides and allow to dry. Then cover the entire nail pink or beige with transparent varnish and let dry. On top put a fixer for nail polish. To make it easier to draw a "smile", you can use a special brush for nail-art.

Now often in showrooms offered to complement the classic French manicure a variety of decorative elements - rhinestones, stickers, dried flowers, fabric, foil, nails that turn into an exquisite work of art. All the more urgent the so-called "colored jacket." Application technique remains the same - bicolor. However, the colors can be completely different, or the blend may be contrasted with each other. Options can be very diverse, but any selected combination must integrate harmoniously with the image of man.
Author: Inna Sedykh