Laser skin rejuvenation
 Laser skin resurfacing (also known as vaporization, laser peels, lazabraziya) uses a laser for treating uneven skin tone, reduce wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, removal of acne scars and dark spots on the skin of hyperpigmentation.

When we talk about laser facial rejuvenation, then, as a rule, we are talking about laser skin resurfacing (peeling or laser). It is often compared to a chemical peel. But chemical peeling involves the use of chemicals that "burn" the top few layers of skin cells. In laser resurfacing of tissue damage does not occur, the layers of skin cells as it evaporates under the action of the laser.

The choice between a chemical peel and laser should do, based on the skin type, skin thickness, colors, ages, and even the time of year and lifestyles. Make their own decisions is difficult, it is necessary to study a lot of professional literature, so it is best to consult with specialists from the clinic or salon.

Laser resurfacing

There are three types of laser skin resurfacing: carbon dioxide, N-Lite, erbium.

- Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing - the most common procedure, and having the most long-term effect. This type of skin rejuvenation includes session from 15 to 90 minutes. It is also called CO2 Laser skin resurfacing or carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. It is used to reduce wrinkles, remove acne scars using a continuous laser beams.

- Erbium laser resurfacing - a less invasive. It is recommended that women with dark skin.

- N-Lite laser resurfacing - is not as effective as the two previous species, but has a distinct advantage - lower price. Usually, N-Lite is used for removal of fine skin imperfections.

 Laser skin rejuvenation

How safe is laser peeling?

Laser skin resurfacing, peeling, is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified technician. From a professional high precision is required of all actions during the procedure. If the procedure will make an inexperienced employee of the clinic, it may remain on the skin side, not very pleasant consequences: scarring, swelling, itching, acne, and even the development of infection.

Laser resurfacing may be carried out only by a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. He should rather precisely and accurately directed to the desired skin laser beams. During the procedure, the damaged skin cells evaporate, and after the procedure necessary medical supervision until complete healing of the skin.

The safest way - a fraction (fractions broken laser beams), laser rejuvenation. After such exposure the skin heals and recovers quickly, the risks and side effects are minimized. Fractional laser resurfacing did Kim Kardashian, as reported by his fans in his Twitter.

What is the result?

Laser resurfacing is a surgical procedure, it requires a recovery period, so do not plan a laser rejuvenation just before important events (weddings, anniversaries and so on.), It is necessary to make at least a few weeks before them.

For the treatment of pigmentation enough 1-2 sessions, acne scars require 3-5 sessions for the rejuvenation of the skin will need to go through 1-3 sessions, depending on age.

The main age when you can start to apply for laser rejuvenation - 30 years. If you want to cure acne scars - the laser can also be used on young skin.

 Laser skin rejuvenation

The procedure can take up to 2 hours. But to leave the hospital, you just can not. After laser resurfacing Master put on the treated areas of skin bandage. Bandages are removed after 24 hours after the procedure. The face is cleaned and applied Vaseline. In general, the main task after laser resurfacing - to keep the skin well hydrated to avoid crusting.

During the first 72 hours after the procedure, some patients may experience itching. After a deep and extensive laser skin rejuvenation process of complete healing of the skin may take 21 days. Until then have to use cosmetics to hide the redness of the skin. Moreover, cosmetics must be fluid (no powder or powder products, cream and gel and texture).

After polishing the treated skin will look brighter, so your doctor will warn you of good protection from the sun, for this will need to stock up on sunscreen filter SPF 50 or higher.

But the main result - a more even in tone, young and smooth skin. Most fine wrinkles disappear, the larger are significantly less.

How much is

The price depends on the size of the area of ​​skin, which is exposed to a laser. But as with any laser procedure, laser resurfacing - the pleasure is not cheap. Full laser rejuvenation of the entire face can cost from 30 to 60 thousand rubles. Laser resurfacing relates to cosmetic procedures, so health insurance is not valid, will have to part with their own means, even if the procedure will be done in the clinic.

 Laser skin rejuvenation

Stars and laser

Cate Blanchett, Mariah Carrey, Kim Cattrall, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep, and even Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt - laser resurfacing is a popular procedure in Hollywood. Many stars who need a radical rejuvenation, are 3-5 session per month by laser resurfacing, and it is worth a few thousand dollars a month. Although in theory the results can hold up to 15 years, the stars never rest on their laurels and do laser rejuvenation every two years.

In Hollywood, the most popular laser procedures of Fraxel. This brand of laser using fractional rays, the safest for the skin.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin