Little black dress: timeless classics
 In 1926, a great woman Coco Chanel little black dress made synonymous with fashion and style. It belongs to the category of things that have to be in every woman's wardrobe. This - the simplest answer to the question "what to wear". It is appropriate everywhere and always.

Even after more than 80 years, no show is complete without a new model of the little black dress. This is - a cult thing of all times and such, I hope it will remain so.

A little history

Women all over the world fell in love with the little black dress, since it was invented. It began with a revolution in the minds of many, and the wardrobe of the fair sex. Before that black often worn exclusively at the funeral ceremony. And now it made welcome as at parties and at work.

Coco Chanel revolutionized by forcing women to abandon old-fashioned looks and dresses. In America, it was so popular that he was called «La Ford». And all because of the fact that the peak of the popularity of this dress comes at a time when all the polls carried away by car brand Ford.

This dress - one of the few things that are suitable for all age, means, for the physique and weight.

Now black is considered neutral and very sexy at the same time, it is - a blank canvas on which with the help of accessories, you can create a particular style. And the simplicity of cut allows you to experiment and each time look different. For example, wearing a jacket, you can safely go to work. In the evening, change it to the tippet, fur collar, add the brooch - and you are ready to exit. In our frantic, things that help us to quickly transform our way, very relevant and needed.

It looks great with colored tights and leggings. Unfortunately, this option is suitable only for those who have slender legs.

The most classic version of wearing this dress is a combination of pearl beads, black stockings or tights and black high heels. However, if you do not want to look classic, add your image some unexpected details. For example, a bracelet made of wood or wool.

 Little black dress: timeless classics

Tips from the designers like to wear a little black dress

Over time, the form of dress has changed. Now you can find variations of it is traditional to elegant glamor, decorated with rhinestones, crystals and lace. As already mentioned, the dress Coco Chanel invented then, 80 years ago, it was a simple but elegant cut.

That seems to Madame Chanel rules socks little black dress:
  1. The dress should be a little below the knee. The fact that Chanel considered view of the kneecap itself unattractive part of a woman's body.

  2. No frills: pleats, drapes and tassels.

  3. Simple and elegant pumps. Sock should be closed.

  4. No sleeves. If they are still there, they have to be without any decoration.

  5. Black stockings or tights.

  6. No massive jewelry.

  7. In the hands - a small clutch.

 Little black dress: timeless classics
   Time passed, and a form of dress has changed. It is not that the worse. Some models presented by designers, were very interesting. At the time, Hubert de Givenchy has reinvented the world for little dress is a dress he created for Audrey Heppbern she wore in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

And that's how Givenchy saw how a woman should wear a little black dress:
  1. Dress must be knee-length or slightly above.

  2. Sleeves should be or should be short.

  3. Clear cut, which emphasizes the waist.

  4. Black or flesh-colored tights (stockings).

  5. Massive decorations.

  6. You can add gloves.

  7. A small clutch or small bag.

  8. Shoes "boats" on the heel.

 Little black dress: timeless classics
   If you want to go to a party in a little black dress, and want to look at this not too classic, then here are some tips:
  1. Solid black tights or stockings.

  2. Only shoes with closed toes. Remember tights (especially black) should not be worn with sandals.

  3. A small clutch.

  4. Bright jewelry or other accessories.

Wearing a little black dress can be anything you like. Try to add the bright shoes, and it will sparkle with new colors.

You can listen to the advice of the masters, you can create your own image. But you can be sure that you will always look good in a little black dress.
Author: Vera Karabutova