Modern tools for home care of nails: All natural!
 It is no secret that a woman's hand not only speak of her age, and status, and even attitude. Teen girls dream to grow up quickly to be able to dress up, use makeup and nail lacquers as their mothers. And then came the moment when girls become young women, mothers, they have a growing concern, and care of hands and nails is given a minimal amount of time.

The most good yield in this situation becomes nail, a procedure in which the wizard creates an artificial nail from the acrylates (acrylic, gel) or cover your own nail Biogel. Then the client calmly walks up to 3-5 weeks following correction without having to worry about peeling varnish or inappropriately rough cuticle.

However, despite the variation in prices and a wide range of masters nail service, not everyone likes the artificial turf. Some believe that the accrued nails look unnatural, however, correctly modeled nail, for example, French-Design (French manicure with white tip), it is difficult to distinguish from natural, lacquered in the same form design. Of course, many people - so many opinions there.

 Modern tools for home care of nails: All natural!

Today's article is dedicated to my lover in all naturalness.
If you look back at the development of the nail business in Russia, we shall see how the industry has changed over the last 5-7 years. There latest technology, the means to implement and decorations manicure.

Inside the master, of course, prefer the professional lines of well-known brands such as Creative, OPI, Orly, Dance Legend, etc. However, these same manufacturers do not rest on their laurels, and release funds for home care for your hands and nails.

For example, the line Spa-manicure "French Polynesia" from Orly Consisting of peeling, mask and cream, perfectly helps gently cleanse the skin of dead cells on hand, as his was based on flowers and Tahitian gardenia coconut, known to all for its moisturizing properties and the ability to restore skin's moisture balance.

At night, apply the cream very well ORLY Rich Renewal Ultra-Hydrating Creme   - Moisturizing cream with a rich texture and rich in nutrients, takes care of the skin ingredients: shea butter and cocoa butter, which soften the skin. The cream has ingredients that slow down the aging process. Aloe Vera - restores moisture balance of the skin and has a healing effect. Vitamins A and E - protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment and the dry indoor air. Regular use of the cream provides nourishment and deep hydration. The cream absorbs quickly and leaves no oily sheen on the skin

Lotion Hand and Body Creative Scentsation   It can also be used for home care for the hands and body. It contains vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera extract that moisturize, soften the skin and regulate its acid-alkaline balance.

 Modern tools for home care of nails: All natural!
   The same company offers a unique product - healing agent for cuticles Creative Rejuvenator It is a kind of therapy for complex traumatized and dry cuticles in the form of a cream. Not only will quickly remove any torn result of burrs, but also increases the skin's ability to produce collagen and elastin, making the skin soft and supple. Copper peptide complex, which is part of the cream, promotes rapid recovery and healing of the skin. So the problem of burrs and cracked cuticle will be resolved definitively.

 Modern tools for home care of nails: All natural!
   However, the most spectacular means for preventing dryness cuticle troubleshooting dry polish - oil, for example, Creative Solar Oil, Cuticle Oil + Orly, inm Premium . For convenience, some manufacturers produce a tool in the form of a pencil. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, prevents the formation of cracks and burrs, nourishes and moisturizes the nail that is responsible for the growth of the nail. Oil is an excellent tool for polishing, gluing (sealing) scales of the nail with each other, which contributes to its strengthening. You can buy in any store, which sells drugs and preparations for manicure.

 Modern tools for home care of nails: All natural!
   In special situations funds, designed for maximum protection of the skin in the winter, prone to excessive dryness. This, for example, a balm for skin and cuticles Creative Solar Balm , A drug that is identical in composition and quality of oil Solar Oil, different original consistency. A dense mass of vazelinoobraznaya moisturizes and softens the rough skin of hands and cuticles. An excellent result is obtained by using it to supply the skin on the elbows and knees.

Intensive balm for cuticles Pinnacle   It acts on the root of the nail cuticle, nourishing and painful eliminates burrs comprises sweet almond oil, cocoa, vitamin E and panthenol.

As for decorative and special finish, the choice of them in modern industry is so wide that everyone will find something to his taste. It is important to follow the golden rule - first, before applying colored nail polish, be sure to cover the nail protecting the base. Perfectly cope with this feature classic basic coverage under a varnish Creative Stickey.   Exclusive agent Bonder Orly This rubberized basecoat, carries the clutch surface of the nail varnish. It protects lacquer from chipping, delamination within 2 weeks.

Often lovers of their own paint your nails like to use the wide color palette, this phenomenon can be explained, but rather to buy expensive professional paints in large containers (15 mL or more), it is not profitable, because seldom-used varnish quickly thicken and lose their properties. I do not advise to buy paints in the markets, primarily because there is a risk to buy a fake, even under Turkish firms (eg, Golden Rose in the original is not much inferior to their more "eminent" fellow), and because changes in temperature under conditions of poor storage a very negative impact on the preparations. If you are still attracted by cheap varnish, make sure you buy a good professional protective agent, it will pay off, especially the health of your nails.

 Modern tools for home care of nails: All natural!
   A company specializing in the production of paints and tools for nails, often release their classic collections of flowers in the mini-versions, for example, La Petite French from Orly   There are 4 to 7 ml nail polish: 3 pastel shades and one white, to create a jacket design in the home. Set Orly The Classics   It consists of four shades: 2 pink, varying degrees of intensity, the classic red and burgundy. Set All dressed up   - A metallic lacquers, beige and coffee, and 2 color coating burgundy. Thus, when a small millilitrazhe you economize in a variety of colors.

The most important thing in the beauty of hands and nails - they are neat, well-groomed appearance, and how it happens - in the cabin or home, has a minimum value. Take care of your pen, and they will thank you!
Author: Anna Naykina master nail service