Perfect Silk Hair
 Smooth, shiny hair - an unattainable ideal? Not at all, just the right styling!

Beautiful smooth hair - the subject of dreams of many girls. But what about those whom nature has endowed curly and unruly hair. Especially for this type of hair, there are various types of irons or hair straighteners. Ironing not only straighten your hair, but their polish. They have become an essential tool for the completion of the hairstyles for many of today's women. Doing hair smooth and silky, they are especially popular among young girls and teenagers. But is it safe to use hair straighteners? After all too frequent use leads to the fact that the hair becomes dry, brittle and exfoliate at the ends. What you need to do to stay more beautiful hair and healthy?

The first golden rule of safe use of the rectifier is dosed its application: only from time to time and in any case every day! The second rule: before applying the hair should be prepared. Be sure to use for shampooing and hair care after cosmetic products have a pronounced moisturizing and nourishing properties. Soaked hair with a towel, dry hair naturally or with a hair dryer, but only in the warm air. Avoid high temperatures even during hair drying. Then apply over the entire length of the hair a special cosmetic for thermal protection, which can be purchased at any beauty salon and is included in almost every line of professional hair care products. Only then can you use the straightener.

It is important to remember that the hair before using hair straighteners should be washed on a mandatory basis. The presence of residues on hair cosmetic products such as nail or hair gel can cause considerable damage to the hair, if they come in contact with a hot rectifier. Typically, the instructions indicate the degree of heating of the rectifier for a particular type of hair. For thin and dry hair ironing temperature should not exceed 130 ° C, and for more dense and unruly - 180 ° C. Although current models may be heated to 200 ° C, hotter than 180 ° C should not be, because otherwise the hairs will noticeably overdried and capillary fiber will be seriously damaged.

Heated rectifier can be used only in carefully unraveled and comb your hair. If the hair remains nodules or they do not fully combed, then untangle them after applying the rectifier will be impossible without explicitly hair damage. To get the perfect silk hair, the secret lies in the fact that the rectifier has to walk through each strand of hair only once, but slowly - from the roots to the tips. It is useless to do this with an effort to pass a strand or utjuzhkom several times - so you only desiccate hair. Patience and measured movements - that's the secret of a perfect and lasting results.

For a successful hair straightening of no less importance is the width of the strands of hair that you pass utjuzhkom at a time. The thinner the strand, the more prominent will be the result. In spite of all the innovations in the field of hair straighteners, a key element of decent results still are patience and endurance. But do not go to extremes, or hair straightening risks take a long time.

If the application to the ironing hair already overdried or whip on the ends, it should not be delayed rectifier on the ends of hair - so you will damage them further. After applying ironing, you need to comb your hair comb with wide teeth that will further increase the polishing effect, and you will just have to admire the result!
Author: Natalia Biatova