What is powder-bronzer?
 Powder, Bronzer - an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to have a beautiful complexion all year. This tool allows you to give the makeup even pale or very light skin the perfect tan. Also, powder bronzer helps to strengthen the effect of sunburn on a slightly tanned skin.

What kind of powder you should choose and how to apply it to the skin? There are two basic types of powder, bronzer - with a matte or pearly shade. For light skin suit shades of caramel or hazelnut, and for matt effect - powder, bronzer color of coffee, copper or gilded hue. Even if your face has a natural tan, avoid too dark shades.

Selection of texture depends on your taste and skin type. It should be remembered that the matte texture gives a more natural skin tone, while a pearly texture gives the skin a glowing effect. Therefore, if the light-colored powder, it is best to choose a pearl texture, and vice versa, if the shade of powder - bronzer dark, it is preferable to choose a matte texture. The advantage of powder - bronzer is that it allows the skin look tanned, while not accelerating the aging process of the skin and causing skin cancer, as do the ultra-violet rays.

Before applying powder, bronzer is necessary to prepare the skin, namely, free from dead flakes .  For these purposes carry out facial peels .  Avoid the use of powder, bronzer, after application to a moisturizing or nourishing cream, since the presence of fatty or wet areas will prevent uniform complexion, and can lead to the appearance of spots .  Best of all, after peeling a wet face with a damp cloth and wait until the skin becomes very dry .  With a brush, apply on the whole face light powder, then apply the powder, bronzer to the areas of the face on which you want to increase the effect of sunburn .  At the end of the process, to give the person the total natural look, wide brush dipped into powder, bronzer, then a little shake on the back of his hand, and broad gestures applied to the entire face and neck .  Powder-bronzer can be applied all over the face and shoulders or her cleavage for a bright accent .

Poudre Duo Glam Bronze L'Oréal Paris

This powder, bronzer consists of two harmonious shades, gold and copper pearl particles which give the skin a glowing tan. The light texture of the powder lies well to the skin and provides a lasting make-up throughout the day. Powder-bronzer from L'Oréal adapts to the natural color of the skin and gives her perfect shade.

 What is powder-bronzer?

Palette Mauresque Ligne YSL Sun Yves Saint Laurent

Powder from the Yves Saint Laurent creates this illusion of a radiant sun with four solar colors and gives the skin a shade of gold-plated. This tool is enriched with moisturizing makeup particles that retain moisture and solar filter SPF 10, which protects the face from harmful UV radiation. Pink color, which is present in the palette can be used to focus on the temples, bridge of the nose and neck. A beautiful pattern formed on the powder, now gives aesthetic pleasure, and this makes the use of cosmetics in the true beauty ritual.

 What is powder-bronzer?

Logo Sunkissed Powder n ° 41 Sunset Givenchy

This powder, bronzer is specifically designed for a natural tan. Her precious texture consists of microparticles that are coated with a layer of perfect skin and give it a pearly golden glow. Perfect comfort and durability are hallmarks of powder from Givenchy. A pleasant surprise is that the classic pattern Givenchy, made on the powder does not disappear even after a few strokes of the brush.

 What is powder-bronzer?

Star Bronzer Poudre Bambou Bronze Tropiques Lancôme

Best Powder tanned skin from Lancôme sublimates the perfect shade and helps to prolong the effect of sunburn. A real work of art, inspired by Asian motifs: Sunset on bamboo background in pink, ocher tones and shades of cinnamon. This exquisite palette helps to complete make-up, and using a fine brush, pink and golden tones can create a focal point on the cheeks or eyes.

 What is powder-bronzer?

Poudre compacte Carrousel Infinité Bronze Lancaster

Powder-bronzer from Lancaster - this is a game of opposites: light and dark shades, matte and pearl colors. All this allows us to create a harmonious, perfect makeup. The relief image carved gemstones are warm, bright and dark colors, which make make-up relief, creating light and dark areas. Palette, executed in a variety of faces, helps to create a real sunny makeup.

 What is powder-bronzer?

Poudre Multicompacte SPF 15 Sephora Bronzed

Ultra-soft powder, bronzer in a mosaic of Sephora covers all areas of the face, even the most tanned. Light texture goes perfectly with a large brush. It uses three shades at the same time, it gives the skin a fresh face and perfect tone.

 What is powder-bronzer?

Author: Natalia Biatova