Eye makeup like a star
 How sometimes want to look as gorgeous as a celebrity on the cover! And this charming, fatal look first beauties in Hollywood - it really is impossible to repeat a mere mortal? Everything is possible! Just a few tricks - and your eyes become languishing trump card in the battle for the attention of others men.

But before you start the imposition of makeup, you must determine the shape of your eyes by choosing one of three options proposed:

- large and deep-set eyes like Eva Green ;

 Eye makeup like a star

- almond-shaped, like Demi Moore ;

 Eye makeup like a star

- eye of round shape, with short eyelashes like Penelope Cruz at .

 Eye makeup like a star

If the eyes are round shape , Then most likely you have a fat face, round cheeks and a pleasant, soft facial features .  The advantage of this is the facial features several baby doll's face with a look that at any age makes its possessor younger .  Since this form of the eye pupil is clearly visible, then your task - to emphasize the color and give eye shape somewhat elongated shape .  To emphasize the contour of the eye, it is not necessary to draw a thick line it too, as it has a more rounded shape their .  Thin pencil or eyeliner brush spend almost a horizontal line at the base of the upper and lower eyelashes .  The eye thus will seem extended .  Another trick: you need not apply mascara on all lashes, but only on the outer corner of eye lashes .  It will also make more elongated shape of the eyes .  The same applies to the eyelash: this should be done only on the outer corner of the eye .  Eyebrows round shape with the eyes should be clearly defined, all excess hair should be carefully pull out .  All these little touches emphasize the beautiful look of your eyes and make them more aristocratic incision .

The eyes are almond-shaped often combined with a triangular shaped face, high cheekbones, a thin nose. The advantage of this is the cat's appearance look that covers the entire face and gives it a natural kind of erotic. The main thing in this section of the eye - do not overload them with cosmetics. When applying mascara on the lashes, it must be applied over the entire length to avoid the application of several layers, as this will make the deep-set eyes. The volume of the eyebrows with this section of the eye to be much more at the bottom than on the outside. Performing eyeliner, you can afford to do quite a broad line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the century rolling stock and reducing it to nothing to the outer corner. It should be extended to the temples to avoid the line, as this will make the look too aggressive.

When deep-set eyes   facial features, usually sharp, bright line of the lower jaw is outlined and striking .  This looks outstanding work, domineering side of human nature .  Deep-set eyes must be emphasized so as to create the illusion of their approach and reduce the effect of "heavy" look .  As a rule, this is possible to achieve by applying concealer on the lower eyelid and the inner region of the upper eyelid, making the skin lighter and visually closer eye .  Mascara better not to use the black and brown, making look less "heavy" .  For such forms of eye is very important and shape eyebrows .  They do not have to be very broad, and it will require constant care and timely removal of excess hair .  You should not abuse the eyelashes or too bright eyeliner - this will give the face a tired appearance .  Since the skin around the eyes is very thin structure that responds instantly to external impact and fatigue blue under the eyes, you should consider constant use of special equipment that are applied to the skin in the morning, thus, activates the microcirculation of the skin data .  But do not forget that the use of such means does not replace the action of anti-aging cream that is best used at night, before bedtime . 

And a few general tips that will be useful to perform eye makeup.   Modern mascara makes lashes not only more expressive, but also give them extra volume .  To make the look kind of mystique, better use of ink plum or purple hue .  Proper application of mascara - it is almost a work of art .  As with the creation of the picture, you must wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the next .  To mascara does not fall on the lower eyelid and left black spots on it, put a wet sanitary napkin on the lower eyelid, and only then apply mascara on the lashes .  You should not overdo it with shadows, because it deprives the sight of lightness and elegance .  Eyebrows - is not only fascinating view frame, but the main bar, attached to the face symmetry .  Emphasize the wide brow pencil best firm, the thin - special brush .  Pencil light shades more suitable natural or dyed blondes .  Light brown and brown - to dark-brown and brown-haired women .  Grey pencil - for brunettes .

Author: Natalia Biatova