Eye Makeup Tips from Jemma Kidd
 About the latest trends in smoky eye makeup makeup artist tells the famous Jemma Kidd.

Best time

The main part of any eye makeup - correctly apply the foundation. Neutralize any redness (especially in the area of ​​the eyelashes) will help the foundation to your skin tone. Concealer around the eyes tends to slide, so choose special products containing a small amount of silicone that will 'hold' any products that you apply on top.


If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, you can deal with them with the help of a pink base over which to apply a small amount of yellow or brown (the color of your skin) concealer. Your fingers - the best tool in this case - gently pat area without rubbing the skin.

Create a line

The most common mistake among people who use or liner eyeliner - to draw a thick line of wide full width of the century, not pigment trace the roots of the lashes. First, preheat the pencil in his hand. Next Draw upper eyelid, look up, and draw a region of lower lashes. If you have a small or gruboko-set eyes, and draws and lower lashes, causing dark shadows blunt brush for a softer effect.

Select your mosaic

Dark eye makeup looks amazing at every, but to emphasize the cold blue eyes help warm shades; deep purple or blue work the same way as gold or copper, but despite the fact that they have a warm overtones. Green and hazel eyes look luxuriously soft plum, brown and forest hues, hazel eyes as you can use any color from the range provided.


For natural daylight image of select neutral light shade and apply it, moving toward the eyebrows. Then apply your choice, a darker shade on the eyelid, concentrating intense color in the eyelashes. Mix color, shading it so the higher it was, the fact was paler. You can visually enlarge the eyes, causing a darker shade to the outer corner of the eye.

Define and deepen

To make the eyes more smudge a darker shade horizontally along the fold line on the upper eyelid. Mix the shade in both directions, making shade on the edges lighter. When you open your eyes after the first application, the shadows are almost invisible - rastushevyvanie continue until the color will not be noticeable when you open your eyes.

Night and day

Go from day to evening image can only touch flicker. Do not be put off by the light - modern formulas contain small particles, so the image looks refined, but not vulgar. Put a shiny golden pen, brown or copper shade on top of your make-up - it is instantly give the right atmosphere. Remove any or dark smudges under his eyes wet wipes, adjust concealer - and more!


The secret smoky eye - to keep the intensity around the rim of the eye. Apply a thick, heavy line at the roots of the lashes, making it more subtle eye. Apply crisp shadows on the front part of the century, and then blend in a circular motion with a brush. Continue until you have a soft smoky effect.
Author: Ann, New York