Ideal nails
 The new method of modeling toenails has been a relief for many women.

Fashion dictates the harsh rules that we have to obey. Unfortunately, the pursuit of the ideal can become unsafe for women's health. Of course, there are times when the ladies fainted from wearing tight corsets, irrevocably gone, but modern fashion has prepared a much more insidious trap. One of them - high-heeled shoes. In Italy, they say, the height - half of beauty. Indeed, sometimes the studs can work wonders: visually make taller and slimmer, gait change for the better, "pull" line of the legs and make a graceful silhouette. Now high shoes - this undisputed classic, but few people think about the threat it poses to our feet with you.

Numerous scientific studies have identified a serious problem: when wearing high heels changes the fulcrum .  As a result, instead of the entire surface of the foot load is only at the toe .  And this leads to unfavorable consequences: Achilles tendon gradually weakened (hence the constant dislocations), blood circulation, stop stop spring .  And the sad ending - appear corns, flat feet, arthritis and arthrosis, edema, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins .  But primarily affected the fingers, which account for most of the load and, consequently, marigolds .  The result of wearing tight shoes with high heels are often the deformation of the nail plate, or smile lines, ingrown nail in the side bolsters, as well as change the color and appearance of irregularities on the nail plate .  The first changes can occur at a young age, and the age of 30, many girls have consciously wearing open shoes .  After all, even regular visits to the beauty salon marigolds will not return to their original appearance, besides, bright varnish underscores the imperfections . 

Fortunately, modern aesthetic cosmetology found the solution to all these problems. Developed a completely new method of modeling toenails, which has been a relief for many women. Especially if you are having problems with nails due to trauma or a birth. When the master pedicure do offer capacity to hide the flaws on their feet, customers often wonder, they say, how am I supposed to go to a closed shoe with such nails. Indeed, until now many artificial nails are associated with thick and long stilettos. In addition, the rough shape of the nail - this is the last century in aesthetic cosmetology. Modern artificial nails are virtually indistinguishable from natural. But they give endless possibilities and to improve the aesthetic appearance - until the recovery of the nail in case of loss.

Ingrown nail

Problem:   Aching in large parts of the toes is familiar to practically all women. Unpleasant sensations arise at each step, but there's nothing to be done: the beauty demands victims. The main problem - the ingrowth of the lateral edge of the nail plate under the nail fold, or, more simply, the ingrown nail. The reasons may be wearing narrow shoes, improper nail cutting (lateral surface is cut very short) or flat. As a result, the side plate of the nail injures the skin roller and developed inflammation. Symptoms: inflammation, blood flow. Pain, lameness. Upon accession of infection appear purulent discharge from under the skin roll, overgrowth of granulation.

Decision:   Simulation on the legs can be an easy solution to this problem. Usually, ingrown nail occurs due to improper circumcision. When the nail starts to cut into the skin, many are trying to get rid of the problem by cutting off the area. But it only pushes the problem of "depth". On the contrary, to get rid of the pain, you need to naughty corner merged. Making simulation on their feet, you are depriving yourself tempted to cut off the nail. Within 1-2 months you get rid of the problem.

Yellowness nails

Problem:   Few can boast the perfect nail color. Many yellowish tint can be from birth, someone - is acquired. For example, without the use of lacquer or basecoat due fungal diseases. And so you want to have a pale pink as a baby, marigolds and white-tip.

Decision:   Modeling "Kreatyur" - a beautiful and reliable solution for problems with nails. It is based on individual approach to clients. Manicure pick up the color of modeling material is not only in accordance with the view of fashion trends, but also with the natural shade of the skin and nails. Free edge in such a pedicure no thicker than cards, so that your nails look like very beautiful natural. Nails get a beautiful natural color, and you - in a good mood.

Not identical forms "smile"

Problem:   Often nails on the legs are asymmetrical. This is especially noticeable in the thumb. It's no secret that all people have the legs can vary in size. Wearing narrow shoes exacerbates the problem: often clenched nails gain is not an attractive form: it can be shifted to the side, too straight or too curved. When the leg to be in fine sandals, this is especially noticeable.

Decision:   Kreatyur would be the perfect solution here. It allows you to re "sculpt" smile line. Marigolds will get not only a beautiful, sophisticated appearance, but also to be completely identical in form. Kreatyur will look equally well in acrylic and gel.

Small nails

Problem: Bright colorful designs look beautiful in her arms, but the legs afford such a luxury can not every woman. Many small nails, and often on the little finger nail plate can be completely absent.

Solution:   modeling in such a situation - the only way out. Due to the unique material of acrylic, which can be spread directly onto the skin, the master easily and quickly can increase the nail plate to the desired size. On these marigolds, even the most unexpected design will look great.

Deformed nails

Problem:   Often, buying narrower shoes, we do not think about the possible consequences. But, unfortunately, problems such as deformation of the nail plate, or even the loss of a piece of the nail occurs because of external influence. These include not only uncomfortable shoes, but also various kinds of injuries such as bruises.

Solution:   Acrylic modeling - a solution to all problems. Thanks to this unique material can be spread directly onto the skin, the master in a few minutes will be able to correct any defect, to restore the lost piece of nail or even descended nail.


Problem: With the approach of summer, we are always thinking about the purchase of open shoes. But she, in turn, requires us manicured feet. The uneven surface of the nail plate - it is a common problem that occurs when a strong pressure on the root of the nail. Many women prefer to solve it using bright paints. But it is often only exacerbates the problem.

Solution:   Simulation - this creativity at their fingertips. Thanks to professional materials, leveling the surface of the nail plate was one of the easiest tasks to master. But artificial nails can not only hide the problem, but after a few repetitions of simulation reduces it to almost zero.

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