Oils for health and beauty
 Herbal and essential oils: do we know about their many beneficial properties? Even our mothers used olive, grape seed oil for cooking home masks. Currently, cosmetic stores a large selection of not only familiar to us, but also exotic oils, the use of which will give your skin a youthful, restore hair to help fight stress and cellulite.

Massage oils

In the East, ginger has long been known not only for its stimulating effect, but also for its ability to relax, warm up the muscles. If you are experiencing stress, muscle tension, the oil massage ginger root helps to relax, warm up the muscles and remove the pain in them.

Green coffee beans that have not been subjected to the process of browning contain oil having a calming effect. These green beans are different from mature. Massage with this oil will bring calm and stress is the best therapy.

The ideal tool for massage is soybean oil. With its soothing properties, it is perfectly nourishes the skin. Usually soy bean oil is added a few drops of various essential oils are selected depending on the desired effect.

For massage and use jasmine oil, which calms the nervous system, helps to find peace of mind and concentration. Generally, jasmine oil produced in the form of two-phase liquid containing the oily and the aqueous portion. Enriched with essential oils of jasmine, oily phase nourishes the skin and has a relaxing effect on the body, water is - soothes and softens the skin. To use such a liquid should first good shake.

To restore power, relieve fatigue and nervous tension use for bathing neroli essential oil. This oil was orange tree flowers, which have a delicate scent. The relaxing effects of massage with the oil of neroli combined with the nourishing treatment for your skin, that after such a procedure will be soft and silky to the touch.

Bath oils

The combination of palm oil and soybean oil is suitable for bathing. Relaxing effect here will be combined with excellent skin care body, its power. After a bath the skin becomes soft as a child's.

If you, on the contrary, you need to cheer up, tone up, it is best suited for this tangerine oil. Absorbed through the skin, it returns you to the power of life and its fragrance gives clarity of thought, having an instant toning effect.

Jasmine oil is perfect for those whose life forces already on the wane. It is used as an antidepressant and has a soothing, warming and stimulating properties.

To remove the mental and physical stress, use of the ancient Thai tradition and take a bath with a few drops of bergamot oil. If you want the similarity was complete, then place in the tub several colors. Such a procedure will help to overcome anxiety and depression.

Oils for the care of skin and hair

In recent years, manufacturers of cosmetic products often used in new developments cream oil, imported from North Africa - Argan oil, or ironwood. This oil or cosmetic products based on it is highly recommended to those who have very dry skin. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, this wonderful antioxidant that prevents aging of the skin, nourishes and restores it. It is instantly absorbed and can be used not only for the skin but also the hair. Generously apply Argan oil to the skin and hair - and it will have a nutritional effect even on the deep layers of the skin and hair. The result - a satin skin and shiny head of hair.

More familiar to us calendula oil is indispensable for the care of irritated skin, treating fractures, frostbitten skin. It cleanses, softens, soothes and protects the skin.

Almond oil is ideal for the care of such a delicate and sensitive skin, like a child, but may use it as adults. It prevents peeling, nourishing and even prevents the formation of scars. Almond oil is quickly absorbed, moisturizes and strengthens the skin. It gives the skin a fresh, velvety appearance.

Jojoba oil is very widely used in cosmetics due to its nourishing, softening and moisturizing properties. Its daily use will give you the baby's skin and hair lush siren.

In different centuries aloe vera called "divine plant", "elixir of youth", "means of harmony." This tropical plant is often used Cleopatra. Oil Aloe Vera is very suitable sensitive skin, it helps even in the care of skin problems such as sunburn, cracks, eczema, etc. Oil Aloe Vera moisturizes and nourishes the deeper layers of the skin, restores the hair over their entire length.
Author: Natalia Biatova