Spectacular trends in make-up: red lips and false eyelashes
 False eyelashes - a good alternative to the thick layer of mascara and eyeliner.

Wag elegant eyelashes

Natural make-up - ideal for daytime, but if you're going to a party, or you will be a solemn event, add glamor to your makeup using red lips and false eyelashes. Just look at Christina Aguilera! She - the embodiment of the ideal of the classical image!

Some women do not use false eyelashes because they think that it is difficult to "put on." But with a little skill and practice - and you'll look stunning in a matter of seconds!

"We put on" false eyelashes

1. Buy a set of false eyelashes. Personally, I prefer the MAC. You can buy a consignment luxury in most cosmetic stores and pharmacies. You can even purchase them from online stores! In addition, you will also need a special glue for eyelashes, a pair of tweezers and scissors.

2. Trim the false eyelashes to suit the size of your eyes. Hold the strip of lashes to the eye. If they are a little longer than your eyelashes, then trim the ends with scissors.

3. Take a pencil for a century and draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. The line will exactly stick lashes.

4. Squeeze the hands of glue. Wait a few seconds so that it thickens slightly (follow the instructions for your lashes and glue).

5. Take pintsetikom and lower lashes into the glue. Make sure the glue is completely covered the base of the eyelashes.

6. Attach the edge of the artificial lashes as close to your natural line of growth as possible. Gently hold the false eyelashes.

7. Once the lashes firmly lay down to age, go to the other eye.

8. Dip a cotton ball into a liquid makeup remover and remove the remaining glue with eyes.

Add some spicy touches in your makeup

1. After applying foundation or powder on your face, apply a light brown shadow on the eyelids. Naturally, you can use the color that you like, but Brown perfectly harmonises with any skin tone.

2. Apply a deeper shadow color in the crease to add depth to the look and make expressive eyes. Gently blend the shadows, moving towards the brow ridges.

3. Use a liquid black liner or indelible pencil to line the upper lash line. The line will correct the gaps between the natural and false eyelashes.

4. To create the effect of "cat's eyes", Doris pencil line at the outer corner.

5. Apply a coat of black mascara on the lashes, both natural and man-on to help them a little glued together.

6. Take a deep red lipstick and a suitable tone lip liner. Avoid brick tones, which can make the teeth more yellow and give a painful skin tone.

7. draw a contour of the lips and apply lipstick with a brush. Add a drop of clear gloss to lips cent. Squeeze lips to distribute shine.

8. Cheeks leave without a strong makeup. If desired, you can cause pale pink or peach blush on the cheekbones to complete the image.

Remove false eyelashes

1. In no case can not sleep in the false eyelashes. Remove them with Vaseline or oil means for removing eye make-up. This will help dissolve the glue. Do not pull the lashes with the force - so you can pull your own. Instead, apply more petroleum jelly, wait about 30 seconds and carefully remove them.

2. Do not throw the lashes after one use. You can use them up to three times. Place lashes back into the container to keep their shape.

With a little practice - and you will become the most charming girl and can even give odds of the Christina Aguilera.