The contest "The aroma of freshness" with Head & Shoulders
 "An apple a day will save from the meeting with the doctor," - says the English proverb. About the medicinal properties of apples known to all, but it turns out, it is useful not only apples to eat but also to inhale their fragrance. For example, due to the content of essential oils? apple scent has a calming effect in the nervous excitement. On the other properties of apple flavor we offer reflect our readers ... and get some great prizes from Head & Shoulders!

The prizes of the competition will be 14 sets , Which include shampoo and Head & Shoulders «Apple freshness" . According to the results of the contest will be chosen 7 winners Each of which will receive a gift 2 sets !

Setting: share with us their associations that are born in you, when you feel the flavor of apples! Perhaps it will be a story that will remind you of childhood favorite with an apple pie, a walk in the garden with apple trees, or the memory of the most beautiful spring in your life! The most interesting works will be rewarded with prizes from Head & Shoulders.

 The contest "The aroma of freshness" with Head & Shoulders
  The contest "The aroma of freshness" with Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders «Apple freshness"   I created like real spirits. It contains the base, middle and top notes, allowing different facets perfume gradually unfold and "solo" during the day. At the heart of the wonderful aroma of musk and serve warm wood. Behind them rose bloom delicate, exquisite lily and jasmine tart. And finally explode succulence and fresh strawberries and green apple!

Dates of competition: March 17, 2014 - April 17, 2014

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Author: Anna Shustrova