Food without harm: you start to eat
 Why do we continue to eat bad foods, although aware of the troubles caused by the body? For most of us, a proper diet is associated with giving up favorite foods, from which white light ceases to please, and with the inevitable unpleasant feeling of hunger. We would like to have "disappointed": such a metamorphosis does not require you special feats and mental anguish. Suffice it to note the information below. So, what knowledge you need to know in order to make the transition to a new life as painless as possible?

1) We start with an analysis

In everyday turmoil we often do not pay attention that skipping breakfast or dinner too tight. To understand its weaknesses in the diet for several days in a row lead a kind of diary, which marks the time snacking, their composition and the number of calories. Looking from the outside will assess your eating habits and evaluate them for the necessity and usefulness.

2) It can be everything, but slowly

Good news for all those frightening rejection of certain foods: can do small sacrifices. This means that the narrow range of food is not recommended, but it is worth paying close attention to the amount of food entering into the diet more useful products. It turns out that the beloved chocolate gives the green light, but instead of the usual tiles a day are allowed to use a few pieces a week.

3) We make a list of three

For convenience in drawing up the daily menu is recommended that you distribute useful and not-so products in several lists, such as "welcome," "possible, but carefully," "goodbye, the figure! ". Take this case with all the responsibility, and you will appreciate this approach as save yourself a headache, what to eat for breakfast or dinner, no harm to the body. Another nice bonus - a reminder will not allow you to go back to old habits, undoing the desire to make their lives better.

 Food without harm: you start to eat

However, one of only eating healthy foods will give significant results, if you do not adhere to the following principles:

• Proper nutrition - is not synonymous with hunger: lack of food the body is regarded as an attack difficult period, when nutrients are just starting to build up, not consumed. Therefore, do not let such a crisis state;

• Breakfast - Obligatory Morning Session: it makes up for the energy loss after a night's rest. In addition, the first meal allows the body to wake up and properly run the metabolism;

• Do not forget to drink plain water, if no health problems, remember the daily rate of 2 liters of fluid. And "to offset" is only drinking water or healthy drinks, which are used in doses between meals, and do not drink for a couple of times in large chunks;

• calories than, the earlier it is to eat. Compile your diet should be in descending principle that almost all the food you can eat until lunch, from 12.00 to 17.00 give preference to an average caloric dishes, and the final meal including vegetables, lean fish or meat or fruit.

 Food without harm: you start to eat

Proper nutrition - it's a lifestyle that you choose. And if your goal is the extension of youth, augmenting beauty, good health, vigor of body and strength of mind, you are on the right track. All the more so to get rid of old bad eating habits by replacing them useful, it is not so difficult as we used to think. And let your reward will be attractive in the mirror and compliments others.
Author: Anna Hodchenkova