Lose Weight on mushrooms
 Authors meat diets long complacent. Scientists have named a healthier alternative to meat, which is not as effective for weight loss. This mushrooms.

On the mushrooms lose weight faster

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University are actively promoting such an underrated food like mushrooms. Why is underrated? Because most food fungi secondary role - that they act as flavor to the chicken, then generally serves as a decoration.

However, fungi can be used as a nutritional equivalent alternative to meat. At the same man who goes from meat on mushrooms, not only does not lose anything in terms of nutrients, but also takes on the issue of positive effects on the body. Fragrant mushroom soup or nourishing delicate mushroom casserole - you choose. All are equally useful and incredibly delicious!

It is curious that the mushrooms have shown themselves not only as a useful product, but also as a more effective component of nutrition for weight loss. So mushroom diet - this is not a myth!

In the experiment, organized by scientists at Johns Hopkins University, attended by people aged about 48 years, most of the subjects - women (88%). The participants were divided into two groups. Throughout the year, half of the subjects ate the same with only one difference. In the first group member as a main dish prepared meat, while the second group was given instead of meat fungi. As a result, "the group of mushroom" test unseated more weight. Scientists have paid attention to their health. No negative effects of the mushroom diet was found. On the contrary - the health of women and men has improved.

Scientists have concluded that the fungus can be safely called a component of proper nutrition and effective dieting. Against the background of the harm meat for the body (for example, it has been previously shown that red meat promotes breast cancer), mushrooms and does act as a healthy and nourishing alternative, which should really consider, making the menu for the week or wondering what to order in a restaurant. Especially that tasty - meat or mushrooms - you can even bet.

 Lose Weight on mushrooms

Portobello - and you bella!

It's no secret that for a successful weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight is important to not accumulate in the body fats and sugar.

Specialists engaged in research work at the University of Buffalo, and spent an entertaining study found that Portobello mushrooms perfectly regulate blood sugar, and thus prevent the development of obesity and help get rid of excess weight that is not satisfied with her figure.

As part of the study, Peter Horvarf examine the nature of the impact of fungi on blood sugar levels. The scientist and his team brought to the study of men and women who have taken on the content analysis of the body's glucose and fat. In this first group were given sugary drinks with added powder Portobello, the second group offers similar drinks, but without the Portobello. The experiment proved that Portobello lowers blood glucose and insulin, which has a positive effect on body weight, i.e. helping to lose weight.

It should be noted that the Portobello acts very quickly. Suffice it for 20-25 minutes to cause blood sugar to normal. And thanks to the special composition of fungi - antioxidant ergothioneine and phytonutrients.

Scientists believe that the inclusion of plants in the diet may help to solve the problem of obesity. Moreover, these fungi only low-calorie and beneficial - thanks to the presence of vitamin D, copper, selenium, niacin, fiber and protein.

A successful weight loss you on mushrooms!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya