The ideal menu for the day
 Be beautiful, slim and healthy - the natural desire of every woman. That it should be celebrated not so much - to lead a healthy lifestyle and to comply with the right diet. The ideal menu for the day, what is it? - You know now!

The benefits of a balanced diet is known today even a schoolboy. We know that eating raw fruits and vegetables well, and semi-finished products and canned - bad. But we obtained knowledge are rarely used in practice. At best, limited consumption of high-calorie food after six pm and sausage sandwiches preferred carrots. The reason for this - the inability to build a single chain of all aspects of a healthy diet.

Now, if nutritionists have created a menu that simultaneously would be tasty, healthy and hearty! To its observance it was simple, but the result of a diet was evident to everyone. Do you think this is unrealistic? - Not at all! This menu has long been there!

Basic provisions

You need to eat often, but in small portions. The intervals between meals should not exceed 2-3 hours. The ideal menu for the day consists of three main meals and two snacks.

Perfect breakfast

The first rule of a good breakfast - it should be. It can not miss, explaining the lack of time or appetite. The morning meal is rightly called the main reception of the day, as he starts the metabolism. From the intensity of the latter depends on whether the energy is obtained from food, processed immediately or postponed "in reserve" in the form of rolls of fat around the abdomen. If you can not bring myself to swallow even a morsel of food, eat less at dinner, and the situation will change.

A balanced breakfast consists of two courses:

Wholegrain porridge

If you have the opportunity to have breakfast at home, pour in the evening 5 tablespoons of oatmeal with boiling water so that it completely covers the rump. In the morning, the resulting mixture can be added milk, nonfat yogurt, sliced ​​fresh fruit (apple, banana, peach). Within an hour of waking up, heat the porridge and eat it. An alternative may be to make oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat or barley porridge, cooked the same scenario.

Please note that it is not necessary to buy Quick-cooking cereals and muesli. As a rule, they are contained in an abundance of flavor enhancers, food additives, sugar. If they eat every day, they can cause gradual weight gain and fat accumulation.

Boiled egg

This product is not only rich, but also useful, because it contains and fats, and carbohydrates. Sprinkle the egg a little salt and enjoy your meal!

 The ideal menu for the day


Tea bags and instant coffee - not the best drink to start the day. Since we began to observe the correct diet, and drink something we should be natural. Ground coffee or brewed in Turku or a coffee machine, as well as large-green or black tea - what you need! In addition to the drink you can eat a slice of bread from wheat flour with a small amount of cheese or a slice of cheese.

Result:   thanks to a hearty breakfast during the first half of the day until the next meal will be cheerful, happy, functional. Whole-grain cereal in perspective normalize metabolism, which is the key to your harmony. The boiled egg contains a good ratio of fats and carbohydrates, a portion of which is optimal for the start of the day. This breakfast will work on your body's health and beauty appearance.

Perfect lunch

After 2-3 hours after the main meal comes time snack. According to your preferences you can drink a cup of yogurt 1, 5-2, 5% fat (less fat yogurt does not satisfy, and increases hunger), or tea and coffee with your favorite fruit.

Result:   regular consumption of dairy products normalize digestion, as well as being a rich source of calcium. Vitamins and nutrients found in fresh fruits, strengthen the immune system and contributes to the beauty of the skin tissue.

 The ideal menu for the day

Perfect Lunch

Vegetable soup or salad

Impoverishing's time - the best time for the hot liquid. Prepare vegetable soup on meat or fish broth or eat a serving of vegetable salad, seasoned with yogurt or dietary vegetable oils (olive, corn, sunflower).

Assorted fruits or nuts

Depending on whether you chose the first course, you can eat a handful of walnuts or fruit plate. Note walnuts are highly desirable knowledge workers!


If you are looking to lose weight fat burning cook cocktail. In the cup of boiling water, add a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon, give the drink a brew. More options for dining drink pores - herbal tea, stewed fruit, infusion of rose hips.

Result:   first for lunch - a great way to keep the body in good shape, leaving him the opportunity to save extra weight. Power built on fruits and vegetables, is the basis of the alkaline diet, which is the prevention of age-related problems of the body, contributes to longevity.

The perfect snack


Fresh juice - a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants source. It is best to cook your own juice. In the absence of such an opportunity, pay attention to the composition of the juice factory, acquire nectar. You can opt for the apple, tomato, orange juice. And from multivitamin should be abandoned, one-component prefer drinks.

Result:   juice does not quench your hunger, but will give the necessary boost of energy that will allow health and mood to wait for dinner.

 The ideal menu for the day

Perfect dinner

According to the recommendations of nutritionists, it should be quite satisfying, but at the same time not to overload the body, which after eight o'clock in the evening you need to rest.


It may be a small portion of pasta (a quarter of the plates), boiled potatoes or grain porridge. Moderation portions, leave room on the plate for a piece of low-fat beef, chicken, turkey meat or liver.

Vegetable salad, caviar

The benefits of vegetables we mentioned above. Choose these types of salads, which are combined with meat. Perfect solution salad of pickled cabbage, carrots or squash with apple, beet caviar.


Despite the fact that many people believe that a glass of wine at dinner - the best drink, its usefulness is somewhat exaggerated. It is best to leave the alcohol for holiday feasts (remember the least!) For dinner and drink tea, juice, herbal infusions.

Result:   light dinner to satisfy your hunger and give you a good night's sleep. The next morning you wake up in good spirits and ready-to-eat breakfast.

Eat well and stay healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova