Whence comes the appetite ... and how to fight it
 Appetite comes with eating,
food goes, but the appetite remains.
(Folk wisdom)

We all want to be slim, young, attractive, and remain so as long as possible. It is no coincidence, the concept of "youth", "harmony", "attractiveness" go hand in hand, and often seem to be synonymous.

Alas, it so happens that this extra weight becomes almost insurmountable obstacle to impede enjoy life, cause psychological complexes, undermine confidence, and they are often due to banal overeating.

If we were able to eat only when hungry and stop eating at the first signs of saturation - problems with excessive weight it would be much less. Hunger, appetite and satiety - that these feelings affect our behavior, when the question with respect to quantity, quality and frequency of food consumption. And if hunger and satiety - the physiological concepts related to the need to replenish the energy reserves of the body, then, what is your appetite?

History appetite

For the first time this word we learn in childhood. It seems there is a larger problem for many mothers, and even to a greater extent, grandmothers than poor appetite child. Well, how is it, babe does not want to eat this delicious gruel, watered beautiful, sweet sauce, decorated with berries, sprinkled with nuts! Well, that is not hungry? It's so delicious. At first, the children tend to resist, but gradually get used to eat as adopted adults and delight their loved ones a good appetite and plump appearance. Positive emotions find their reinforcements, and the first step towards a psychological dependence on the food, we can say, is made.

Of course, the satisfaction of hunger is also associated with pleasant sensations, pleasure - it is a normal reaction to eating quality and tasty food when one is hungry. During the saturation sensitivity to the taste of the food is reduced, and when one is full, the desire to absorb food disappears. But this ideal. To distinguish the healthy pleasure of food from the compulsion to satisfy caused psychological dependence, it is not such a simple matter.

Appetite - refers to psychological factors regulating food intake, it may be a part of the feeling of hunger, but can also occur by itself, even at quite adequate nutritional reserves of the organism. Sometimes it is enough just to imagine a favorite dish to "mouth water", even if you are already thoroughly before this lunch.

Appetite and hunger

 Whence comes the appetite ... and how to fight it
   So, to eat, we have basically two motives. The first - hunger, the second - the appetite. The feeling of hunger - is an instinctive defense mechanism makes a person look replenish energy costs by receiving any food that has calories. It is difficult to confuse with something of a feeling of emptiness and spasms in the stomach, which tell us that the body's nutritional reserves fell below the level needed for energy balance. If you do not replenish these stocks, the reduction of the stomach wall are amplified until the appearance of the hungry stomach pains.

In principle, hunger can be satisfied very simple meal, but if hunger is false, then you want something special, delicacies and sweets.

Appetite - is the desire to eat something special, I wish at this time. Appetite is characterized by a sense of partial hunger, but rather, it is the taste hunger, starvation rather than due to the need to replenish energy.

Well, we all have a little weakness, and can not always say a decisive "no" superfluous piece of cake, fine, but not very helpful, the dish at the festive dinner. Nothing particularly wrong with that.
But constantly increased appetite can be the first step to overeating. But this is dangerous, because it is not just a habit tasty and there are many, it is a disease. A person with this eating disorder loses control over the amount of food eaten! Not only that, inevitably leads to overeating and obesity, provoking many diseases, but it has a psychological impact, leading to the formation of low self-esteem and loss of self-esteem.

By the way, according to experts, one of the causes of binge eating may be excessive fad diets when the periods of austerity and restrictions in food interspersed with bouts of unrestrained appetite.

So - do not treat excessive appetite starvation, it will only get worse.

Deceive appetite

 Whence comes the appetite ... and how to fight it
   If increased appetite grows into an obsession "that is tasty to eat," that he is being treated - mostly psychological methods. There are medications, most modern drugs that regulate appetite and suggested slimming affect hunger and satiety centers in the brain. However, intervene in such complex processes without medical supervision is quite dangerous for health.

Strict suppression of hunger via anorectics drugs used in severe cases when uncontrolled overeating, can not be willed correction and leads to excessive obesity.

There are also more safe methods to cope with the psychological cravings to overeat .

- First, try to make your life more rich, interesting, pulling something really, if the time of boredom and not remain idle pastime, then the question "what to eat", simply does not arise.

- Secondly, emerging problems are solved on the merits and not binding. Or you can just cheat appetite.

• If you had a feeling of easy hunger, drink a glass of water, green tea, yogurt - sometimes the body takes a thirst for hunger

• Eat little but often. In accordance with modern concepts, snacking is not a sin, and the intervals between meals should not be more than 4 hours. If there is a little bit of everything, it is just through this period of time the body needs regular servings of "fuel" to cover energy costs.

• Even if you're hungry, eat slowly, and try to capture the moment in time to the full.

• Be sure to monitor the size of your dish, choose a smaller plate volume.

• Use visual "reminders". For instance, slide the empty pistachio shells can significantly reduce your calorie intake to nuts (if you use nuts as a snack), showing how much was eaten nuts.

• To dull the appetite can chew spices such as cumin seeds, fennel, dill sprig.

• Lack of sleep causes a false appetite, on average, to keep the balance of hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety, sleep should be at least 8 hours.

• More traffic! Coping with a false appetite to help sports. Moderate physical activity inhibits the production of hormones that stimulate hunger and increases the release of hormones that suppress it.

• To reduce the craving for sweet aromatherapists advise to smell the cinnamon or vanilla.

As you can see, methods, allowing to deal with increased appetite is not so little, and learn to distinguish between healthy appetite from a false hunger, we will be able to control your weight. Do not forget the food - not the only pleasure in life, because we do not live to eat, but eat to live!
Author: Olga Travleeva