About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful
 For someone Needlework - is a hobby for someone calling, and some are just starting to learn the nuances and secrets of this activity. And for beginners, and for those who have not the first day of the cross embroider or crochet, we find a series of tips, advice, and other surprises.

It will focus on three main areas in needlework:

• Cross-stitch;

• Crochet;

• Patchwork.

Join the huge world of needlework, embroider, make souvenirs with their own hands, and you will see how many smiles can give your family and friends!


Incidentally, the cross-stitch unfair ranked as the native women's employment. Looking at history, we find an interesting fact: in the last century, cross-stitch (especially if it was necessary to use gold) only trust men. And oddly enough, in the 19th century but it is men who prefer to have as a hobby crafts. Among the fans of the strong half "povyshivat" met and known personalities such as Cardinal Richelieu (in whose honor and was named embroidery "Richelieu"), King of Prussia, Frederick the Great, Valentin Gaft, Tom Cruise, and even Prince Charles was seen by journalists with hand embroidery frame.

No matter whose hands belongs embroidery, receive it as a gift to all nice. After investing in the business part of your soul you have the opportunity to share it with those who are dear to you.

The magazine "Cross Stitch" you will find useful and original ideas, tips, diagrams and photos of your future paintings.

 About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful
  About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful

Easy to create masterpieces!

Cross Stitch: Kits magazines, books, embroidered hundreds of interesting stories, helpful tips, important recommendations.

What you will be interested in our magazines?

1. Present your own hands!
  To help you come to workshops, original ideas and solutions, which can only bring to life. Photos and steps will make sure that you do not mess up and do not make any mistakes.

2. Plans for embroidery.   We offer a choice of a variety of schemes with a number of interesting stories. Everybody can find something that will certainly want to implement.

3. Tips and Tricks   and interesting materials. All gathered here - in our journals.


For this activity you need a little bit of diligence and a good teacher. It was such a teacher is ready to become our journal "Crochet".

Crochet: magazines, books, accessories - all we have. We will help you become a real guru of needlework.   For beginners - tips and interesting solutions in accessible language for professionals - ideas and secrets that ottochat your skill.

 About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful
  About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful

What you'll find in our magazines and books:

1. clothes, tablecloths, napkins and accessories
You can crochet.

2. Great Encyclopedia patterns   for all occasions;

3. Ideas and solutions   for the original gifts, souvenirs or jewelry with their own hands;

4. Special magazines   for beginners and those who are just starting to learn to crochet;

5. A lot of useful, entertaining and interesting information   this lesson.

Books, magazines and accessories for needlework can be purchased as a gift! If your significant other, mother or work colleague is interested in crochet - you will not go wrong in choosing the gift.

Even more new ideas!

Unbelievable patterns emerge from the fingers of the masters: this lace napkins, clothes and even delicate lampshades. Elegant dresses for a new baby or a blouse for myself-all this can be done by hand. Even authors' toys for the child can crochet.

Patchwork (patchwork)

Create a masterpiece of an amazing patchwork needlework technique in which several different color and even texture of fabric can get a brand new, bright product. In this work you can show the vision of the artist to combine the color palette, you can change the pattern, one of your own, and some craftsmen create flaps volume of the composition.

 About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful
  About needlework: thin, elegant, tasteful

The most important thing pechvorke- tissue, and in our catalogs, you can find the most interesting and high-quality fabrics.

No matter how long you enjoy this hobby, we have found, than to please and novices, and amateurs and professionals.

So, our fabrics patchwork is:

• Stylish.
From one such set, you can create several individual panels, rugs, pillows, capes for a chair or padded stools, and other products with a unique style;

• 100% quality.   Be sure that the cut and subsequent work with the tissues they will not let you down, and finished thing will serve you for a long time;

• A variety of tissues From which you can create a unique masterpiece.

Finally, it should be said that the crafts is a great hobby that will allow you to:

• Make unique gifts;

• Sew clothing for your personal taste;

• To equip your apartment or a house;

• To please the kids knitted toys or colorful paintings, embroidered cross.

Putting soul into their work, be sure you will succeed! And our books, magazines and accessories will help you realize your ideas to life!