Tooth powder - do yourself this healthy product
 You've seen part of his toothpaste? It is not only useful, strengthen enamel and gum ingredients, there are quite toxic and allergenic. Do not you find it a healthy replacement?

If you remember, we somehow did homepage toothpaste. Check here & gt; & gt; & gt ;. And now a new idea.

Now, many are anxious to eliminate funds for the care of harmful ingredients. We will deal with it well, offering a natural alternative to chemicals in the eye cream or shampoo, making their home-made tools. But that's about it. And why? After all, there are a lot of chemistry. In food and hygiene products, for example, such as toothpaste.

After all, if you think about the toothpaste we use twice a day, and some of them more often it touches a sensitive mouth, enters the internal organs. So the idea to look for a healthy option toothpaste makes sense.

What's so wrong with toothpaste - you ask. For example, triclosan, are recognized as endocrine disruptors. Or "old friend" lauryl sulphate, which is familiar to us by the ravages of shampoos. Of course, various synthetic additives and flavorings.

Tooth powder - do yourself
Toothpaste learned to do, let's diversify the diet hygiene and create another useful product for teeth - tooth powder.

- 2 tsp. Of calcium carbonate (known as food coloring E170, chemical formula - CaCO3, and simply - normal or chalk whitewash for the ceiling)
- 2 tsp baking soda
- 1 tsp myrrh powder (available at pharmacies and cosmetics stores for home)
- 1 tsp chopped sage
- 1 tsp raspberry leaves (can be replaced by lemon zest, dill or cloves)
- 10-20 drops of essential oils (mint, lemon, clove, cinnamon or tea tree).

 Tooth powder - do yourself this healthy product

How do:
- Spices grind in a coffee grinder or grinder.
- Mix all the ingredients.
- Pour into the package. Use way: put a pea-sized amount on a wet toothbrush to brush your teeth as usual.

The smell great! I used the oils of peppermint and lemon. The feeling in the mouth good, fresh. If it considers that the composition of the sour, you can add 1 teaspoon of xylitol or stevia, sweeten it a bit and it will be safe for the enamel.

Surprisingly for me, but homemade toothpaste and tooth powder is not worse than the purchased product. And one of my friends (which, incidentally, shared data recipe) noted that the teeth become whiter. Although I still can not confirm this, is not it more often used this recipe.

It is important to: ingredients must be ground quite fine, abrasive particles that do not damage the tooth enamel.
Author: Your Tamara