Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album
 "If you pretend like you know what you're doing, you can do anything."
Amy Winehouse.

A few weeks later is published in the latest album by British singer Amy Winehouse, who died last summer at age 27 from alcohol poisoning.

The album will be called «Lioness: Hidden Treasures». Already known for the full track listing of the collection. It will include the composition «Our Day Will Come», «Between the Cheats», «Tears Dry», «Wake Up Alone», «Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow», «Valerie», «Like Smoke» (with the participation of rapper Nas ), «The Girl from Ipanema», «Halftime», «Best Friends», «Body and Soul» (with the participation of Tony Bennett), «A Song for You». Some of the above compositions was part of the singer's official albums released in her lifetime, but «Lioness: Hidden Treasures» they will be presented in other arrangements. Today, no one doubts the success of the forthcoming album. Unfortunately, the death of Amy was her best promoter in the promotion of her work to the masses.

Scandal and hype surrounding the sudden death of Amy Winehouse was forced to download and listen to her songs, even those who are indifferent to this genre of music like R & B, jazz and soul. It was a cocktail of these styles and Emmy sang, being the author of most of his songs. The list of its heavy regalia. In 2007, Amy Winehouse is recognized as the best British singer, her second album «Back to Black» in 2008 allowed her to win in 5 nominations "Grammy", including "Best Record of the Year", "Best Song of the Year" and "Best New Artist ", for which the singer was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the only British singer, managed to take just five awards" Grammy. " Also, the album «Back to Black» in Britain, recognized as the most successful album of the XXI century.

 Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album

Emmy - the descendant of Jewish immigrants from Russia. Parents were the most mediocre singer British. Mother - a pharmacist, his father - a taxi driver. It looks like giddiness and madness as the traits inherited from her grandmother Emmi. Her paternal grandmother Cynthia in the 1940s, was a friend of the famous Ronnie Scott's jazz. Amy idolized her grandmother, and even her name tattooed on his arm. Later Emmy buried next to his beloved grandmother.

They say that as a child dreamed of being an Emmy as a waitress on roller skates, but instead of 10 years with her friend Juliette Ashby created a rap group Sweet 'n' Sour. At age 12, Ms. Winehouse made an attempt to study at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, but was soon ruled out, of course, for bad behavior. At age 14, Amy wrote his first song, and a year later signed his first contract. In 2003, they released their first album, the singer «Frank», which was well received by critics, but the singer has left them dissatisfied. Her second album «Back to Black», as noted above, was a runaway success.

 Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album

Amy Winehouse was in all respects flamboyant girl. Her manner of wearing magnificent high hairstyle emphasizes its personality. Height not including the height of the singer hairstyle was a little over one and a half meters. Another hallmark of the Emmy arrows have been expressive eyes. About his style of Amy she said: "I dress like ... like I'm an old black man. Sorry! As if I'm an old Jewish black man. I just put on, though around is still the fifties. "

But, nevertheless, its unusual way inspired many artists. Karl Lagerfeld has publicly admitted that Amy Winehouse is one of his favorite muses. Lady Gaga reckons Amy Winehouse among the artists that influenced its success. Bryan Adams has written a song for Emmy «Flower Grown Wild» about the dangers of drug use. A sculptor Marco Perego dedicated Emmy whole installation «The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star», depicting her with an apple and a bullet through his head.

 Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album
Installation Marco Perego «The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star»

Looking interview Amy Winehouse, it becomes clear that the abuse of drugs and alcohol were not a consequence of fell down on her fame and star of the disease. Amy told journalists often said that music is not for it all. She no longer saw herself in the family dreamed of seven children: "I know that talented, but I was sent here not to sing. I was sent to be a wife, mother, take care of the family. I love what I do, but here it all starts and ends here. " In addition, most successful album Back to Black singer was released in the period when she was going through drug addiction. The most famous song Winehouse «Rehab» - generally about drug treatment clinic.

 Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album
Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake Fielder-Sibyl

By his own admission Emmy, she tried drugs for the first time in 14 years, but the singer's relatives believe that hard drugs singer hoisted her husband Blake Fielder-Sibyls. Close singer for this reason, not even allowed to attend the funeral of his Emmy.

Drug addiction has caused a lot of trouble the singer. Record companies and then threatened to terminate the contract Emmy. And in June 2011, Amy Winehouse even had to cancel his European tour after she was booed for inappropriate behavior on the stage in Belgrade.

 Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album
  Amy Winehouse at a concert in Belgrade

I remember how, at the end of last June morning novostiynogo tape I heard a message that in his home in Camden from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27 years died a talented British singer Amy Winehouse. At that time I had no idea who it was. Now, on the map of my player saved all of her songs, and «Rehab» and «You Know I'm No Good» I loved from the first chords, and can repeatedly listen through the repeat function ...

 Amy Winehouse: sad prescription successful sale of the latest album

Author: Natalia Hryshko