Beauty Without Borders
 CIS countries beckon at any time of the year. In summer, nice to bask in the Mediterranean Sea. In winter European stores attracted unprecedented discounts on cosmetics and clothing brands. Wherever you come - in the shopping tour or a spa resort - you always need foreign language skills. However, in its quest to master the means of communication with foreigners, we make mistakes, the cause of which - common misconceptions and myths.

Work on the bugs
In wanting to learn a foreign language often develops at the root of the wrong idea about how to master this skill. As a result, they are disappointed in attending courses or self-study of a foreign language, as expected completely different. Refute the most common misconceptions prevailing.

How much weight ... a month?
The most common among the "stupid" question asked wanting to learn a foreign language: "How much time? ". Moreover, people want to get him the most accurate, comprehensive answer. They are completely overlooked, that a foreign language can be studied in different ways - to engage in every day for 3-4 hours, or 20 minutes before the class to do homework courses, constantly use the knowledge or completely forget about the language, leaving the building of the language center. In short, the more quickly you want to achieve results, the greater the harder you have to deal with. Others simply do not know. We can not say that the abilities absolutely nothing depends. Of course, their presence or absence affects the speed of absorption material. However, the determining factor is still the effort.

 Beauty Without Borders
 Was there a motive?
People have always taken very eager for any new business, but soon their zeal somewhere disappears. Therefore crucial motivation to learn a foreign language. If knowledge of the language promises you raise at work, or are you going to buy a flat in France, which will happily go and see several times a year, chances are you will learn the language at least at the elementary level. If a foreign language for you - something out of the field of children "the will" ("friend knows, and I would not mind"), it is unlikely you have enough zeal to bring our plans to the end.

Do it yourself?
Children are unlikely to learn to walk, I had never done this before. Why do you think you can learn a foreign language on their own, with no one talking? .. Whatever may be said about the distance learning, no matter how remote praised courses, language - is, first of all, we are. And to learn how to express their thoughts and understand the need to listen and to talk, to train the reaction to the phrase interlocutor. Therefore, such a shape as an independent study of a foreign language, it is better to use a combined form - for example, self-study, plus a tutor, self-study and chat on skype with foreigners and so on.

 Beauty Without Borders
 I learn and remember?
Many believe that the language can be learned and know the rest of my life. However, as is known, any skill is lost if it is not practiced. Even people who graduated with honors from "inyaz" and does not use the language on a regular basis for several years, lost its brilliant level which was turned into a handful of the knowledge level of the entrant. What can we say about a man with a crust of completion of courses ... therefore considered a foreign language as a hobby for a lifetime - sometimes flip through notes, read at least a literary adaptation, transfer the songs and watching movies in the original language. And all will turn out!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya