Mary Bricker about the work, life and Plastic Surgery
 In the books of Mary Bricker (real name - Marianne) saying Shakespeare "The whole world - theater, and people in it - actors!" Takes on a literal meaning. The heroes of the book series "Puppeteer" are involved in the story, the course led by a real filmmaker. Plot moves author so ingenious that the book impossible to put down, and the characters evoke the reader's sincere participation. The plot is one of the books develops around the plastic surgeon and the clinic, so in conversation with Marianne, we did not escape the question of beauty and plastic surgery. To your attention - an exclusive interview myCharm with Mary Bricker.

- Marianne, please tell us about their heroes - director Varlamov and investigators Zotov, who are the heroes of many of your books. How and why did they get there continued to appear in your works? Did you get feedback on what they liked readers? You will continue to describe their adventures and relationships in the future?

- A series of books "Puppeteer", where the persons involved are the director hoaxer Varlamov investigator Helen Zotov, to my happiness, readers really loved and sometimes even uchuvstvuyut in developing relations of this couple. For example, at the request of readers, I heroes "married" by sending in a romantic trip to a ski resort in Austria. Relationship heroes very sophisticated, we can say they are antagonists, but can not exist without each other. I think so often happens in life. The series includes six books. The plans I have two more.

- Do Varlamov prototype? Or is it a generalized image of a guess on how big-name can be a director?

Varlamov entirely fictional character. I wanted to create an ambiguous, contradictory character, who makes others happy against their will, not disdaining to achieve a good end by any means. Playing with human destinies for him dope, even though he realizes that someone else took over the mission and tormented conscience. In the first book, "Mint Chocolate" it is quite tough because the motives of his actions moves revenge, but later softened his image a little bit under the influence of another character, the investigator Elena Zotov.

 Mary Bricker about the work, life and Plastic Surgery

- Very curious character - an investigator Zotov. Why did you do with the investigator is a man - with an iron grip on the job, but a modest and self-critical in your life?

- That's how I see the modern Miss Marple. Unlike Varlamov Elena Zotov has a prototype. Not all, but I pretty much copied from mother nature husband. It is precisely this, the crystal honest, warm, intelligent and ironic in relation to itself.

- Marianne, the main characters of your book "Isadora Scarf" is a plastic surgeon Sergei Shakhov and his patients. How do you feel about plastic surgery?

- At one time, I met a man, a plastic surgeon, and learned a lot of conversations with him .  He showed me the patients before and after surgery, said, as it took shape their lives .  Someone corny droopy ears ears prevents live, someone's nose, someone small breasts .  After surgery, patients' lives are mostly changes for the better .  Surprisingly, others do not notice the physical changes to a person after the surgery, but the man himself has changed internally, rather his attitude toward themselves, have the confidence .  Surrounding it is felt and also changed their attitude to the man for the better .  This is the essence .  I am sure that no matter what your nose or ears .  If you love yourself, and others will love you .  In non-emergency cases, it is possible to do without operation, to confine a psychologist, because any surgery - is a serious risk .  Another thing is that there are people who are real physical deficiencies seriously complicate life, injuries after accidents, for example .  There is no plastic surgery will not do .  As I understand women who want to look younger and more surgeons are turning to for help .  I do not understand young girls, who with the help of plastic surgeons bring themselves up to the ideal, and, in fact, to the accepted standard, and deprive themselves of individuality .  But everyone is free to decide what to do with their appearance . 

- The book "Lantern of Diogenes" very tangled plot. However, as with all of your books. Predict what will happen next, it is impossible. How did you come up with these stories and how they are developing?

- When I sit down to write, it is weakly imagine than it will end, I do not know who the perpetrator and his motives, his head only exposition and character. So write to me always incredibly interesting. Sometimes I connect the logic, sometimes the characters speak for me a lead. This is a very strange phenomenon, but quite frequent in the literary environment. Many writers complain about the harmfulness of the characters. Planning one thing and goes completely different.

 Mary Bricker about the work, life and Plastic Surgery

- Marianne, your books are very pleased to read more because in the end justice always triumphs. Criminals are punished, and lovers, passing through fire and water, they are together. Why are you doing optimistic ending?

- I think that in this world all deserve happiness. And readers will certainly deserve a fascinating story, nice heroes and positive in the final portion of the book.

- Novels "Mint Chocolate" and "yellow sweater Picasso" - is not only interesting detectives. In them a lot of good humor, and the main characters - Klim and Alya - cause not only sympathy and sincere love of readers. Tell me, please, whether the continuation of the story?

- Alu Klima and I really like, but I think I have enough to torment them in two books. They deserved happiness and peace. More torment the characters is not planned.

- Your heroes have a pronounced taste for life. Once your books really want to live and work. You, too, a man - an active and able to enjoy every day?

- The frenzied activity I stayed the first half of his life, because he was in search. And at the moment I am in harmony with oneself and the world, all my energy goes to work and family. But if you suddenly stop me something to hold, I will begin to operate again. Do not be afraid to change your life, if something is much in it are not satisfied.

- Marianne, what book, on which you are currently working on?

- Just finalized last novel, due out in February. Unusual book came out. Almost all of the events in the novel shows the "eyes" of the blind heroine, linguistic high school students. She witnessed the murder of a loved one, miraculously escaped and was at the train station with no money and documents. Its goal is to survive and get revenge. The novel, in fact, that if you want, you can move mountains, even if you're not like everyone else. But let the readers are not afraid of the grim detective plot, in this novel, as in all my books, without humor, love and adventure has not done.

- Thank you creative success!

About the Book Mary Bricker "font Ophelia"

"Font Ophelia" - a dynamic, action, shocking scenes, a fascinating detective component and colorful dance heroes each other unexpectedly suicidal poet-grafomanka for leisure inventing a perpetual motion machine venereal disease, a brilliant mathematician who collects butterflies albino famous painter Yogi ... In the new novel Bricker can meet anyone, with new characters tend to pass the buck to the reader as a bolt from the blue: that is a gothic girl Christina, who, being heavily pregnant, I almost knocked down the main characters in a desperate horseback rollers ! The whole country, the company gathered in one TV show. It is called - "The show black sheep". Together, the "white sheep" to unravel the charade, found in the writings of a certain graph. But it was only an unusual reality show to start, as the participants, one by one, began to disappear from the project ...

Author: Marina Tumovskaya