Often you are traveling? Select the best suitcase on the road?
 Where to go to relax on the weekend or two weeks of vacation? Fast race ski on the mountain slopes of Austria and gently stretch the rays of the hot Cuban sun? Make the choice is not difficult. It all depends on your tastes and desires. Another question that is the take, and where to put it all? To go on vacation and not heavily loaded things and back as souvenirs and the "joy" of the Duty Free space enough.

Choose a suitcase on the road - it's not difficult, difficult to choose it right! In order not to fall apart at the airport, climbed all the necessary things, locks and rivets worked without mistakes and blemishes. In general, to survive more than one, and if possible, a dozen other trips, and the functionality and appearance is not lost.

- First, pay attention to the material from which made your future friend and helper. If this is the skin, then take a suitcase in baggage is not worth it, even if you wrap it 3 layers of cellophane. Believe me, it will not protect it, and the output you get is already shuffled and tattered thing. Leather likes to treat her gently, then it will last you much longer, 5-7 years.

 Often you are traveling? Select the best suitcase on the road?
   So if you decide to opt for a leather suitcase, let it be small, so it's easy to arrange as carry-on luggage.

- If you liked the plastic handsome, in that many of its advantages. He does not get wet, his overweening blows and scratches he is not afraid of mud and perfectly adapts to travel, train and plane. And it can be safely transported fragile things.

- Great is the cloth suitcase or travel bag. Comfortable shape, waterproof spray and quick-drying material. Also fabric options are often equipped with a shoulder strap, making them more compact and comfortable to move.

 Often you are traveling? Select the best suitcase on the road?
   - Another equally important consideration when selecting a suitcase are its wheels. More precisely their size and location. The wheels are convenient, highly mobile and allow you to carry a relatively large amount of luggage. The most practical - a silicone wheels do not create noise and crackling all the way of movement. Due to its large size, about 8-10 cm, they also are the most passable. Of course, there are many attractive offers and without this accessory, but if you have to drive far, remember that it is much more convenient to roll a suitcase on the road than to carry in their hands.

 Often you are traveling? Select the best suitcase on the road?
 - The type of fastener main body also plays an important role. Code lock or ordinary lightning. There is the matter of your preferences in the area of ​​reliability.

- Another important point that can not be avoided. This is a pen. If the pull-out, from the solid metal, plastic, in this matter rather dubious alternative. If the handle of the fabric, then firmly sewn kapron thread and sealed with metal rivets.

- Another necessary thing when choosing a road companion, is the presence of his fortified corners. Strengthening do basically inside. Suitcase with a semi-rigid structure is not exactly lose the shape and keep its contents safe.

 Often you are traveling? Select the best suitcase on the road?
 - The size in this matter, too, is of considerable importance! If you are always costs a minimum set of things or eat where everything you need is already there, the choice is stopped on a suitcase height of 50-60 cm. If you are planning a family trip and you need a big roomy trunk, then pay attention to the height of 70 bags 80 cm and a total volume of 100 liters. He just will contain everything you need! The main rule when selecting an indispensable assistant and another suitcase on the road - first decide the approximate volume and the number of things that you plan to take on the road. Leave some space "in reserve", souvenirs and other little things. And only then go on to choose the desired volume of the suitcase. In general, choose luggage for things, not vice versa.

- And of course, the price. The average case of domestic production, up to 80 liters in a store or on the market can be found at an attractive price, about 3000 rubles. His counterparts east of the manufacturer, will cost slightly more expensive 4000 rubles. Plastic handsome Western brands are valued above all, from 8000 rubles. Choosing a suitcase, remember that you pay for it once, and it serves you at least a couple.

Successful and you travel light!
Author: Valentina Pyatygo